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Is it true that hair dye causes cancer

Many women are too often change the color of their hair, not knowing what risk they themselves are subjected to ...

This question still remains controversial.

Scientists say: resistant hair dyes may provoke the development of cancer. Cosmetic company categorically disagree, but says nothing about the presence of such dyes carcinogenic ingredients ...

Long-term effects

Issuers of hair dye company claim that their products are subject to strict control and therefore completely harmless. But one thing - advertising assurances, and another thing - the scientific facts.
Agree, the potential threat is fraught with any "chemistry". And hair dyes - not an exception, as they enter and ingredients into the skin and into the bloodstream.
Which of these ingredients - the key? You can not attach much importance detriment of coal tar, which is fraught with allergic reactions. Ammonia also cause allergies - there are paint and without ammonia. Hydrogen Peroxide, "thanks" to which the hair becomes thin, dry, brittle.
But what phenylenediamine, lead acetate,resorcinol, parabens? After all, it is a carcinogen. Acting individually and combine with a variety of other substances, they become aggressive agents in the invasion of the living cells, in this case there is a risk of degeneration into malignant. But the producers of the presence of carcinogens in their preparations silent.
The verdict is harsh American scientists: if you use powerful regular coloring and long hair may develop bladder cancer. And these drugs on the risk, researchers tied for second place behind the leader - tobacco.
In the remote consequences and breast cancer, and cancer of the lymph nodes, and blood cancer.
Manufacturers disagree withscientists, claiming that they greatly exaggerate the harm of cosmetic dyes. The dispute has been simmering today. But judge for yourself: in Europe has officially banned 22 brands of products such ...

The main types of paints

Resistant paint. Quickly turn dark hair into light and vice versa. Excellent paint over gray hair. Therefore, they are the most popular and the most harmful .... Especially harmful drugs for repainting the hair in the black range.
Since there are usually ammonia and resorcinol,and diaminobenzene, and methyl toluene, the use of resistant paints a couple of decades could trigger a tumor of the bone marrow or lymph nodes. These are the findings of the US National Cancer Institute.
According to Professor T. Zeng, in the treatment of hair colors with powerful oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide can even occur carcinogens that are not in themselves of these colors.
And Professor David Lewis leads the following statistics: those who annually uses them more often nine times the risk of developing cancer of the blood above 60%.
There is even a theory that cancer in the lymph nodes legislator Jacqueline Kennedy events was triggered by persistent ingredients of paints, she enjoyed life ...
Semiproof paint. They are much softer as providing a superficial effect on the hair. Not bad paint over gray hair. But not significantly alter the color can - too little hydrogen peroxide.
They contain no ammonia. But enough of its toxic derivatives, such as ethanolamine. So while semiproof paint and will not get any oncology, it is impossible to consider them very safe.
Organic dyes. Made of vegetable raw materials and therefore are accompanied by a note: «Organic». Good for hair tinting, paint over gray hair but not effectively.
They even have medicinal properties. But they can hardly be called completely safe. Indeed, in the organic dye is also added or hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia or an ammonium salt.
So is there a completely harmless drugs? Yes, it's henna and Basma. The henna intended for repainting the hair in very dark colors, no p-phenylene diamine or toxic salts of lead, nickel, bismuth, cobalt.

Tips dermatologists

- Do not paint your hair every month-
- Do not change often drugs of various types and firms-manufacturers-
- Avoid extremes, turning it into a blonde, the brunette - this hair suffer much silnee-
- Do not paint them at the slightest damage or inflammation of the skin golovy-
- Before painting previously do an allergy test on the wrist. If the skin turns red after 15-20 minutes, look for other, more benign drug.

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