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Can I write the man out of the apartment to nowhere?

Can I write the man out of the apartment to nowhere

The reason to prescribe in the apartmentman is his involvement in the family members of the owner or tenant, but write it, even when it becomes "a former member of the family" and no longer lives in the apartment, it is problematic enough.

In this case, much depends on the rights to the apartment - if it is owned or her live on the social contract employment.

Discharged from the municipal housing

The owner of the property where the family lives onsocial contract of employment, is a municipality. And, although the agreement is concluded with the employer, members of his family have an equal right to the enjoyment of that housing. If the person ceasing to be a member of the family has a permanent registration in the apartment, but did not live at that address, write it you do not succeed, even if it is for public services does not contribute its share, it is stipulated in Article 71 of the Housing Code. Moreover, to make payments for the missing - a direct duty of the employer, or the issue of eviction is already touching you.
The only option would be the eviction in court. But for this you must first fix the antisocial behavior of the person you want to write. If he bullies, you must write a complaint against him to the owner of property - to the municipality. When violations are continuing, on the basis of Article 91 of the Housing Code, you can apply to the court for discharge into "nowhere". But in this case it is better to work with a lawyer.

Discharged from their own homes

If the dwelling was your property before a person has been registered in it, which you intend to write, everything is quite simple, although the court will still need to address.
Your rights as owner Article 30 protects the LC RF. It says that you have the right to give possession or use of the apartment, which is in your property. The reason for this may be a contract of employment or a contract of uncompensated use. But st.699 Civil Code says that any contract of gratuitous use, even if it is indefinite, can be terminated. To this end, any of the parties should put the other side of this intention not later than one month before the intended date of termination of its contract.
Those. you can send the corresponding notice by registered mail, and one month after it is received by the other party to go to court if the person voluntarily release the room does not want. According to the court, he will be evicted in a "nowhere".
You can not evict a person who is not athe owner of the apartment, but at the time, refused to its privatization in favor of the current owner. He traded his right to the privatization of the right to stay in the apartment.

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