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Is it possible to recover deleted files

Shopping for deleted files

Long hours are in a painful set of boring text. Consciousness asleep, fingers get tired, want to eat, drink, sleep (underline).

The work comes to an end, looming long-awaited anti-theft. And then one false move the little finger - erased files and ...

The situation is familiar to all PC users who hadmisfortune remove the fruits of their labor by negligence, accident, or on purpose, and then regretted the incident. Can I do something before revenge "soulless machine", breaking it on the wall? Such cases were with employees in many countries. No need to hurry. You still have a chance to get out of nothingness "Favorite fayl.doc".

The patient is more alive than dead

The system stores information on your hard drive as followsmanner. First records on the hard drive the desired information, and then ... marks the sector as a blank. In fact, only the user and the operating system believe this place is not busy. But the data is still there, but you do not see them. And if this place does not write anything - there's a chance!

Adrenaline level - we're losing him!

As for the doctor in the intensive care team are importantworking tools, and you should have its own set of in case of emergency. And there in the first place on the data recovery software. Among them, it may be advisable:

In the arsenal of each PC user must have one of these programs.

•; Undelete - classical software familiar to many since the DOS days. Now rarely used. Currently it is a museum of antiques rather than a useful application.
•; Recover 4 All - powerful program, disassembleeach sector in detail and finding all the things you are long forgotten. "Combed" the hard drive twice, shows which files can be recovered, and where better to write the obituary.
•; R.saver - simple-to-use file recovery program in the FAT file system, NTFS, exFAT.
•; Acronis Recovery Expert Deluxe - one of the mostpowerful programs in this segment. It allows you to restore the entire hard disk partitions, if they have been removed as a result of user error or failure of the "iron" or the OS.
•; Partition Recovery - a flexible software that helpseven "repaired» MBR partition (if you do something said), will check all files on access, back to life defunct information. It requires certain skills and not recommended for beginners.

Calm and not panic!

If your information is not found on disk, not in a hurry to get "heavy weapons" to hold the hard drive serious hour check programs.

Programme for recovery will be useless unless you have cleaned your computer from viruses.

Sometimes the fact that some viruses blockfolders or files, making them invisible, inaccessible to the user. Try first to use a reliable antivirus. And only then to trot out the program from the list.

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