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CAN a payroll pay for purchases on the Internet


Can I pay for a purchase on the Internet with a salary card?</a>

Recently, Internet commerce has become increasingly popular.

The main reason - the convenience of shopping. In online stores you can buy almost all the necessary goods without leaving your house, and pay for them with a card.

However, not all cards are suitable for payment on the Internet.

What cards can I pay on the Internet?

The ability to make online payments depends onType of card, namely from its class. In this case, there is no difference between Visa and MasterCard. Today in Russia the following types of maps have become most widespread:
- electronic cards Visa Electron and MasterCard Maestro and Momentum-
- Classic Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard-
- bonus cards Gold and Platinum.
As a rule, within the framework of salary projects, banksProduce the first two types of cards. While premium cards are ordered by users themselves when they reach a certain social status.
Classic Visa Classic cards and MasterCard Standard allow you to make the full range of banking transactions, including online purchases.
Maestro and Visa Electron cards are oftenFree, but have limited functionality - they both allow you to pay in stores, as well as withdraw cash. But you can not pay for them on the Internet in most cases. The fact is that the security code (CVC2) is mandatory for online payments. On the cards Maestro and Momentum it is not, which makes online purchases impossible. Visa Electron cards sometimes have the ability to pay for purchases on the Internet. This option is set by the bank individually.
There is one more type of bankingCards, which are just for those who often make purchases on the Internet. These are virtual cards - cards without a physical carrier, but with a full set of necessary requisites for payment. In Sberbank, the cost of their annual maintenance is 60 rubles. Per year, in some banks it is issued free of charge and is intended for one-time online payments.
Many believe that for unnamed cards (cards,On which there is no name and surname of the user) can not be paid online. However, it is not. The main thing is that the card contains the CVV code (CVC2), and in the field the payer's data is indicated by the Latin name and surname, as they are written in the contract.

Security measures when paying with a credit card on the Internet

If your card allows you to pay online, you should not forget about additional precautions. There are a number of simple rules for ensuring the security of online payments:
- it is worth to make purchases only on the checked sites, having preliminary familiarized with responses about purchases-
- check the website address - often scammers create copies of online stores that differ by one letter or number in the name-
- try to make purchases on sites that support a secure connection (SSL certificate), it must start with the prefix "http: //"
- if possible, use virtual maps-
- activate the "SMS-informing" service, which will allow you to react immediately to attempts to pay by card.
Many banks suggest usingAdditional protection in the form of a 3-D Secure protocol. When paying by card on the Internet, the user must enter a one-time numerical code from the SMS message that came to the mobile phone. Otherwise, the operation will remain unconfirmed.

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