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Is it possible to salary card to pay for purchases on the Internet

Can the payroll card to pay for purchases on the Internet

In recent years, online trading is becoming increasingly popular.

The main reason - convenience shopping. In the online store you can buy almost all necessary goods without leaving home, and pay for their card.

However, not all cards are suitable for online payment.

Which cards you can pay online

The availability of online payments is dependent oncard type, namely of its class. Differences between Visa and MasterCard in this case. Today in Russia the most widely used the following types of cards:
- Electronic card Visa Electron and MasterCard Maestro and Momentum-
- Classic card Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard-
- Premium cards Gold and Platinum.
As a rule, banks are under salary projectsreleased the first two cards varieties. While premium cards ordered by users on their own when a certain social status.
Classic card Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard enables to perform the entire spectrum of banking operations, including the purchase on the Internet.
Cards Maestro and Visa Electron are oftenfree but have limited functionality - they both allow you to pay in stores as well as withdraw cash. But to pay for it on the Internet, in most cases impossible. The fact that a must for online payments is a security code (CVC2). The cards Maestro and Momentum it is not, which makes the online purchase impossible. Visa Electron cards sometimes have the option to pay for purchases on the Internet. This option is set by the bank individually.
There is another kind of bankcards that are just designed for those who frequently make purchases on the Internet. This virtual card - the card without physical media, but with a full set of necessary details for payment. In the Savings Bank of the value of their annual service is 60 p. per year, in some banks it is available free of charge and is intended for one-time online payments.
Many believe that the lack of cards (cards,where there is no user name and surname) can not be paid online. However, it is not. The main thing is that the card contained the CVV (CVC2) code, and in the payer's data indicate first and last name in Latin letters as they are spelled out in the contract.

Safety precautions when paying by credit card on the Internet

If your card allows you to pay online, you can not forget about the additional measures of caution. There are some simple rules to ensure the safety of online payments:
- Should make purchases only on trusted sites, after referring to the review of pokupkah-
- Check the website address - scammers often create copies of online stores, which differ by one letter or digit in nazvanii-
- Try to make purchases on sites that support secure connection (SSL-certificate), it must begin with the prefix «https: //» -
- If possible, use a virtual card-
- Connect the service «SMS-informing" that will instantly react to attempts card payment.
Many banks offer to useadditional protection in the form of 3-D Secure protocol. When paying by card on the Internet user must enter a one-time numeric code of the SMS messages coming to your mobile phone. Otherwise, the operation will remain unconfirmed.

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