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inspection procedure

In order to smoothly pass the inspection procedure, you need to know what documents are required for the diagnosis of the car, how it should look and what to be equipped.

Subject to certain conditions it is possible to go without a car owner.

Traffic greatly simplifying all of the procedures,associated with buying a car and staging it on the record. It is now possible to register a vehicle, having the not notarized, but only a handwritten power of attorney. But it takes a full set of required documents.

The reduction of bureaucracy in officesTraffic Police touched upon the procedure of inspection machines. But in this case, the hand-written power of attorney is not enough (despite the fact that today it can be controlled based on a vehicle belonging to another owner).

How to pass inspection without the owner's car?

First of all, the need is the same power of attorneycar owner passport. The one who wants to get a mark on the state of the car should be a driver's license and insurance policy CTP. In the first three years of operation, owners of cars, Guzov with a maximum permissible weight up to 3.5 tonnes, trailers and motorcycles are not required to come to the inspection procedure.
It has lost its crucial for the operation of vehicles with the introduction of CTP insurance policy.

Since he had no confirmation of excellentthe technical condition of the machine issued will not be, in itself became a policy for employees GIBBD certifying documents, replacing, in some degree a green card. With the innovations of the 2012 prerogative check its availability transferred to MTPL insurers.

What will it take to pass inspection?

Today filled by this procedurediagnostic card. The process of its issuance so simplified that many motorists do not think about the complexities of technical diagnostics of the machine: Inspection on points in most cases you can negotiate with the operator of the receipt of the necessary document. The situation is complicated by the fact that most car owners prefer to not pass inspection at major MOT stations and in small private offices. In some of them the real state of the machine look "through fingers".

For inspection will need the following documents:

- Receipt of payment gosposhliny-
- Receipt for payment auto diagnostics
- Driver's license, the TC-who controls
- Hand-written power of attorney from the owner of the car.

Machine requirements:

- It must be clean, rabotayuschey-
- Rooms must be chitabelny-
- Operator maintenance is required to present a fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kit standard.

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