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Is it possible to learn how to play the guitar yourself?


Learn to play brute force</a>

Learning to take a few chords on the guitar is not so difficult.

Is it possible to become a professional musician without a diploma of graduating from a conservatory, a music college or even a music school?

Practice shows that you can.

Among the outstanding guitarists you will find not so many graduated musicians.

Where to begin?

To learn to play, the first thing you need,Of course, guitar. And from the very beginning it is desirable to choose a good tool. It is not necessary to make it to order, among the serial tools you can find something suitable, and they are usually cheaper than custom ones. Immediately buy a good case (preferably hard), spare strings, a wrench for pins, and if the guitar with a removable neck is the key for adjustment. In addition, you will need:
- self-
- table of chords-
- tablature-
- The metronome-
- tuning fork.
You can not buy a metronome and a tuning fork. Many music sites have electronic sites. In addition, you can install a special program like GuitarPro, where you have the necessary devices and tables.

Do not try to choose a guitar yourself. Take with you to the store a person who already owns this tool.

If you do not know the notes

Do guitarists need notes? Of course, literacy is never superfluous, so if you have the opportunity - study the elementary theory of music. You can do it yourself. What is needed at the first stage is in the self-instruction manual: the names of the notes, the place of each on the note-bearer and on the fretboard. Immediately begin to master the chords. Learn the simplest sequences. For this, of course, you need to know the basic steps - tonic, subdominant and dominant. It is desirable to memorize the dominant sextupord, its appeals and permission.

One and the same sound on the guitar can be taken in different ways. The more options you learn, the better.

Learn the notation

You will definitely need the lettersChords. In many songbooks, one can see the Latin letter designations above the lines of text. Such a record is called a digit. In a good guitar guide you will find all the options for recording a chord - music, digital and tablature.

What is a tablature?

Tablature is a picture that showsThe position of each finger when the musician takes a particular chord. You do not need to remember where a note is written. It is enough to find the right mode and arrange the fingers as drawn. This version of the recording is used by many musicians, and not only beginners.

What the right hand does

Take the simplest chord - for example,In A minor or in D minor. With your right hand fingers, stroke the strings in the direction from the thickest to the thinnest and vice versa. Then try to touch all the strings together. When it starts to work out, try to master the simplest sequence - for example, the tonic-subdominant-dominant-tonic, that is, the notorious guitar "square". Learn to quickly rearrange the chords. Train on the same sequence until it works out, and only then move on to the next one. Note that almost all popular songs can be played on a square, and to change the key there is a capo. If you master an electric guitar, you will have to learn to use several more devices. Having learned to play confidently with a search, begin to master the battle and its various options. To learn is best on songs, when the melody leads a voice.

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