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Is it possible to grow strawberries on the balcony

Is it possible to grow strawberries on the balcony

Fans of the garden with great success grow some crops directly on the balcony.

Even those who do not have special experience in the cultivation of plants, usually turns out bad.

For example, on the balcony, you can grow good strawberries, if properly treat her care.

To grow on the balcony of suitable varieties of foreststrawberries with middle-sized berries, as well as hybrid varieties. To begin to grow seedlings should be strawberries in January, if you want this year to harvest, or in March, if you need a seedling.

An important and will be the location of your balcony. Well, when he's on the south side of the house or the sun shines on it all afternoon. Properly grown strawberries on the balcony with good lighting brings the harvest until nearly the end of the year. Plants do not like the wind, and it must take into account when placing the pots and boxes. To strawberries bloomed all the time and regularly bore fruit, it is necessary to provide a good fertilizer, soil should contain a lot of humus.

For cultivation suit and stacked pots and baskets, pots, balcony boxes and even geotextile.

For planting the seeds of strawberry seedlingsPrepare the ground. To do this, connect the black earth, sand and turf equal parts, you can buy ready-made land at the store. Choose necessary so where does not contain peat - it dries quickly, and strawberries for lack of moisture is undesirable. To germinate the seeds, you can use plastic containers out of salads, cakes. At the bottom of the container, pour a layer of expanded clay, then the land - 5 cm thick, then snow - 3 cm Ram all, then evenly sprinkle the seeds on the snow.. Cover the container with a lid and put in a cool place to avoid the snow melts - it is possible, even in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer. In this form, leave the seeds for a couple of days and then relocate to a warmer place where the snow will melt gradually. After a week, remove the cover and pull the box on top of plastic wrap to get the so-called "greenhouse effect". Capacity in a warm dark place and make sure that the ground was constantly hydrated.

When the seeds hatch, move the box towindowsill, but not on the sunny side. For watering, you can use a rubber bulb. Transplant seedlings into individual containers as possible after the occurrence of the third true leaf. To do this, fit the cups out of the yogurt, but should not be used on the packaging of juices - their inner coating contains unfavorable for the growth of the plant material. The soil in which to transplant the sprouts, soak well. You can get saplings with the help of a fork, try not to damage the lateral roots. If a long white root accidentally breaks off the tip, it's not scary.

After transplantation of the seedlings should be providedtimely watering. Protect seedlings from direct sunlight, and if the sun is not enough, you can make supplementary lighting using fluorescent lamps.

Fertilizing can be done after atbushes will be the fifth leaf. Fertilizer do so: three-liter jar a third full of crushed egg shells, add a glass of ash and cover with water. In a dark place of the mixture have to insist for about a week, then drain the liquid and dilute with water defended - part of the solution, 3 parts water. The fertilizer can be used for indoor plants. Fertilizing should be done every 14 days.

On the balcony grown bushes can be planted inJune. Remontant strawberry fruit begins in late July and continues to bring the harvest to the very cold weather. The pot soil should be fertile, well-drained.

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