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Is it possible to give birth itself, if enough platelets in the blood

Is it possible to give birth itself, if enough platelets in the blood

A low number of platelets in the blood calledthrombocytopenia, which is a dangerous disease, especially during pregnancy. The disease is fraught with serious consequences for the health of both the child and the mother, if time does not start the necessary treatment.

Thrombocytopenia is a congenital condition, but in rare cases it is acquired.


Among the reasons are many isolated thrombocytopeniafactors that are not fully understood in modern medicine. Among the most common causes - too long use of antibiotics, which caused subsequent intoxication. A small amount of vitamins is also a factor causing thrombocytopenia. Viral infection, eating foods with lots of preservatives also increase the risk of danger of falling platelet levels.
Diagnosis of the disease is complicated by the possibility ofdiagnosis only on the results of a blood test. In this case the patient may feel quite healthy and have no complaints about the discomfort and dizziness that often occur when you change the composition of blood.

By frequently occurring characteristic signs of the disease are frequent bleeding from the nose, gums and bruising.

Thrombocytopenia and pregnancy

In most cases, the low levelplatelets seen on the III trimester and generally does not pose a threat to mother or child. With timely detection of the disease your doctor may prescribe medication, which may consist of medications, blood thickening. You also need to comply with the special diet consisting of fruits and berries with a high composition of vitamin C.
Doctors may be issued and the means tostrengthen blood vessels. There are no contraindications for delivery during uncomplicated lowering platelet count. In most cases, the disease can be healed without the need for treatment for any additional funds and medicines, as the risk to the fetus during this period of the disease and in compliance with a physician is minimal and confirming the growth of the number of platelets at the end of pregnancy, a woman can give birth alone.

Severe thrombocytopenia

In severe disease the doctor canrecommend the use of hormonal drugs, which, however, can be very risky for pregnant women and can cause the appearance of complications in the mother and the child. At the same time women are advised to maintain a moderately sedentary life. To give birth on their own during this disease is contraindicated in case of emergency, you may need to have an abortion.

The use of hormonal drugs in the wrong dosage can affect the child's development and abnormalities in the mother.

Abortion under severe clotting disordersblood can be dangerous not only for the child but also for the health and life of the mother. In this case assigned emergency treatment and surgery by introduction and removal of the spleen of vitamins B12 and folic acid. To prevent thrombus formation anticoagulation resort to the destination. In some cases, a blood transfusion is carried out in order to preserve the mother's health.

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