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CAN I get the right without driving in a driving school?

Can I get a license without driving in a driving school?</a>

To get a driving license, it is not necessary to study at a driving school.

The law provides an opportunity for independent examinations, both theoretical and practical.

Some of the citizens of Russia are sincerely sure thatIt is impossible to get a driver's license without driving in a driving school. However, this does not correspond to the truth, - the desired "crusts" can be given to you quite officially, without tedious campaigns for theoretical training and paid trips with an instructor. In addition, group training often does not bring the desired result. The law makes it possible to obtain rights independently, although this applies to categories "A", "B". What is the algorithm of action?

Required documents

Before collecting the necessary papers for the campaign inTraffic police, it is necessary to sort out the registration at the place of the future passing of the exam. If you are going to take it in the same place, where registered, then there will be no problems. However, if you live, for example, in Moscow, and registered in another city, you will need genuine documents on temporary registration.
But in the place of registration indicated in the passport,Still have to go, tk. You need a certificate from the local traffic police department, confirming that you have never had a driving license. Another document is a medical report. It is necessary to make a copy of it. When all the papers are on hand, you can go to the traffic police. Together with the medical service and its copy, submit your passport. You will receive a request form, receipts for payment of fees, examinations (only about 1000 rubles).

Exams passage

There will be two: theoretical, practical. In the first case, 20 questions out of 800 will be offered, for which you must give at least 18 correct answers. The practical part is divided into a couple of stages. At first you will have to demonstrate the ability to drive a car on a special site. The inspector will offer from 5 possible tasks 3. In any case, such a task as a congress from a place on the rise (in the hill) will be present. The second stage is "more interesting" - it is necessary to travel with the city inspector.

Obtaining a certificate

If you fail to surrender your driving, you can tryRepeat in a week, and so an infinite number of times, the same applies to the theory (but for each change you have to pay). If the exams are accepted, then the documents, excluding the passport, remain in the traffic police. Rights will be given only after a calendar month. When 30 days have passed, it will be necessary to present a passport in the traffic police department and pay one more (already last!) Receipt for the production of the certificate. It is possible that you will be photographed here.

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