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Is it possible to get right without training in a driving school

Is it possible to get right without training in a driving school

To get a driver's license, it is not necessary to learn in driving school.

The law provides an opportunity to self-exams - both theoretical and practical.

Part of Russian citizens sincerely convinced thatget a driver's license without training in a driving school is not possible today. However, this is not true - the coveted "crust" can give you quite officially, without exhausting trips to the theoretical training, and paid visits to an instructor. Moreover, group training often does not bring the desired results. The law provides a right samostoyatelno- however, it refers to the category "A", "B". What is the sequence of actions?

Required documents

Before you assemble the necessary papers for a hike inTraffic police, it is necessary to deal with the registration at the place of examination of future delivery. If you are going to take the same place as prescribed, then no problem. However, if you live, for example, in Moscow, and registered in another city, you need the original documents of the time of registration.
But at the place of residence indicated in the passport,go still have to, because We need help from the local traffic police department to confirm that you have never had a driver's license. Another document - medspravka. Since it is necessary to make a copy. When all the papers in hand, you can go to the traffic police. However medspravka and its copy post passport. You will be given an application form, a receipt for payment of fees, examinations (about 1000 p.).

Exams passage

There will be two: theoretical, practical. In the first case, 20 of the 800 questions that need to give at least 18 correct answers will be offered. The practical part is divided into a few steps. The first will have to demonstrate the ability to drive a car in a special area. Inspector offer of 5 possible jobs 3. In any case, will present such a problem as the Congress from place to rise (up the hill). The second phase of "interesting", - it is necessary to drive with the inspector of the city.

Obtaining certification

When driving an unsuccessful delivery attempt, you canrepeated after a week, and so an infinite number of times, the same applies to the theory (but for each delivery will have to pay). If the exams taken, the documents except passport, remain in the traffic police. Rights will be issued only at the end of the calendar month. When the 30 days will remain present in the traffic police department of passport and pay for another (already last!) A receipt for the production license. It is possible that here you photographed.

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