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Is it possible to earn on Forex

Is it possible to earn on Forex

Forex - the international currency market, where the clock are carried out currency exchange transactions at free market prices.

Exchange it is not, but the methods of earnings in the Forex market is very similar to the stock market.

In Russia, the term "Forex" is increasingly understoodspeculative currency trading through banks or dealing centers using leverage or margin. Since the beginning of the 90s Forex touted as the ability to quickly and consistently earn a lot of money sitting at a computer in a specialized center or at home. If this were true, strednestatistichesky player in terms of income to compare with the richest people on the planet.

How It Works

Every hour and every minute exchange rates relativeeach other's changes. Having bought at one price a certain amount of currency you can then sell it more expensive and make a profit. Or conversely, sold more expensive to buy cheaper. To profit was not a penny, dealing centers provide leverage. Its essence is that the broker at the time of the purchase or sale of foreign currency to provide loans in the amount of 100 times greater than the one that uses a participant. At the time of completion of the transaction will be returned to the credit, and the participant receives or profit or loss. The system is configured so that the amount of loss deposit does not exceed the participant (trader).

In Russia, there is practically no legislation regulating the work of brokers and dealing centers. Therefore, carefully choose a dealing center, which bear their money.

As a result, theoretically, any trader canrisk amount of $ 100 and make a profit at the same $ 100, or even more. The main thing - guess whether the rate increase in the near future or drop. And in order to increase the possibility of successful forecasting, dealing centers train their clients the methods of technical and fundamental analysis of the market situation.

Real wages

The basic principles of trade are simple and it seems thatthey can learn any more or less savvy people. You can then practice on a demo account with virtual money, then - to start trading with their own money.

Professional traders work either with foreign brokers or with major Russian banks. But keep in mind that a major commercial bank accepts deposits from the value of not less than 10 thousand dollars.

But the reality is much more complicated. As a rule, even after several successful transactions participant loses his entire capital and goes with anything. Then he either gives up on the forex market, a careful analysis of the errors and returns. Realizing their mistake, the trader starts to act more prudently. So there is a beginner the process of becoming a professional. According to statistics, out of 100 newcomers to the Forex market in 2 years remain 1-2. A few years later traders are able to trade successfully in the Forex market with no losses. Naturally, not all are professionals. And their level of income, as a rule, is not much higher than the interest on bank deposits. After all, their goal - not to make money fast and a lot, but do not lose again all his money.

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