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Is it possible to be registered in the country

Is it possible to be registered in the country

Twenty years ago, a summer residence for the majority of RussiansHe was associated with a few hundred square meters of land for a vegetable garden in the middle of which stood a one-story house with no amenities, in which a happy owner could even live in the summer.

Today, summer and garden areas oftenThey are not used to carry food program, as in Soviet times, and for the construction of town houses, designed for a comfortable stay at any time of the year.

Therefore, the question of the possibility of permanent registration in such a house is particularly acute.

Why permanent registration in the country

According to Art.1Federal law of April 15, 1998 № 66-FZ, buildings, built in areas designated for gardening and summer residences, simply classified as residential buildings, permanent registration which has been banned. However, for those people who actually lived in their suburban garden plots, or away from a permanent place of registration, this created some inconveniences, violated, including their constitutional right to health care, pensions and education. Indeed, many social benefits and services are available at the place of permanent residence. In addition, the possibility to register in the country allows to save on utility bills.
In the fall of 2013 amendments were adopted inlaw, according to which the vague term "residential building" can be replaced with a very specific definition of "individual dwelling". And living in a house implies the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in his address. Now, to get a residence permit or permanent registration at their summer cottage, you need to have your house was recognized as an individual apartment house.

What is required to residential building was recognized as an individual residential house

Assessment of how the house is landscaped,built on a country or a garden plot, as it is adapted for living in it, must produce a special commission. In its number of representatives from several departments in the area of ​​responsibility including the place of your suburban area location. Its members include representatives of the fire service, bodies of Rospotrebnadzor, BTI, other officials of the municipal executive body. You as owner may also take part in the work of this commission, although your voice will be advisory.
You need to provide the Interdepartmental Commission the following documents:
- An application for recognition of country residential building individual residential domom-
- Copies and originals of documents confirming the ownership of the house and land Plot
- A floor plan of the technical structure of the issued BTI.
The decision to move into the category of holiday home"Detached house" should be adopted by the Commission within 30 days. The main criteria on which the house deemed suitable for permanent residence, are the availability of water and sanitation.

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