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Is it necessary to treat milk teeth child up to 5 years

Is it necessary to treat milk teeth child up to 5 years

Baby teeth are precursors permanent.

And, despite the fact that the first teeth are temporary, their role in the body is important and irreplaceable.

And therefore the question of whether they should be treated, the response will be positive.

Why are baby teeth should be treated

No organ in the body can not be considered unnecessary. So, once the baby teeth appear in person and operate in the first years of life, they are necessary. Therefore watch, and take care of them must be the same as for permanent.
Immunity baby is weak and unstable tomany infections, t. To. had not met them. That is why the aching tooth - not just a great environment for bacteria, but also a direct threat to a child's health. The fact that the toxins produced by microbes are very rapidly absorbed into the blood, cause intoxication and lead to diseases of the internal organs.
In addition, many adults whofaced with a toothache, they understand some discomfort may cause damage to the enamel, inflammation or hypersensitivity of the dental nerve. Therefore, another argument speaking in favor of the treatment of baby teeth - a way to protect the crumbs from the unpleasant symptoms.
It should be noted that dental treatment at an earlystage lesions fairly painless and does not take much time. If a child is a child not to be afraid dental office, it will prevent a lot of problems in the future, t. To. He will not feel inexplicable fear, sitting down in a chair doctor.
If left untreated for a long time affectedmilk tooth, it may lead to the fact that it is required to remove. As a result, the child may be disturbed pronunciation of sounds, baby teeth can move to the place of fallen, leading to the wrong location of the permanent teeth in the future.

How to prevent damage to the milk teeth

The most important rule to which you wantteach a child with childhood - daily tooth brushing. Brushing your teeth is necessary twice a day, a special children's toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Start using toothpaste with the appearance of the first tooth at the crumbs. And as soon as the baby is able to hold the brush himself - teach him to brush his teeth alone.
Explain that after a meal should be carefully rinse your mouth, getting rid of the food debris. Avoid snacking between meals, and excessive amounts of sweets.
Make sure that enough hard fruits and vegetables present in the child's diet. When chewing food like there is a mechanical cleaning of the teeth surface.
Show your baby's dentist at least 1 time in half a year, even if you do not see any injuries to the teeth, and the child does not complain of pain. It is better to prevent cavities, than to treat it.

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