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Is it harmful to waterproof cosmetics

Whether waterproof cosmetics Harmful

Every woman wants to be attractive in any situation, and an indispensable tool in this matter has always been for her cosmetics.

However, there are situations in which everyday makeup just will not stand - whether it's a hike to the beach, swimming pool, gym or just wet hot weather.

In such circumstances, makeup floats, and it is unlikely to decorate someone.

Professional make-up artists in such cases it is recommended to use waterproof cosmetics.

History of resistance

The first water-resistant cosmetics has been developedfounder of the world-famous cosmetic brand "Helena Rubinstein" in 1939. It was a mascara, which was intended for athletes of synchronized swimming troupe. The idea was so successful that soon almost every woman wished to become the owner of the wonderful news. Later, many brands have picked up the trend and sales began to appear resistant cream-powder, lipstick and shadows. How waterproof effect is achieved popular cosmetics?

Not a drop!

Cosmetics Water resistance is formed byits composition contained in animal or mineral waxes such as paraffin or stearin and fixing silicone polymers which have a high volatility.

Initially waterproof cosmetics equatedprofessional make-up and intended for artists. It is much brighter and denser the usual decorative means. In everyday life, try to do without it.

Polymers provide ease of application to the skin,but with a longer contact with oxygen evaporate, leaving on the face of persistent waxy coating impervious to moisture and sebum.

Underwater rocks

Many women wonder - whether harmfulwaterproof makeup? Despite promises and assurances from manufacturers about the absolute safety of such funds, the use of them on a regular basis can be fraught with danger to your health and beauty.
Creating wax coating on the skin, water resistant makeup completely blocks access to oxygen. This speeds up the aging process in the skin and deepens the already existing wrinkles.

The composition of the reconstituted means not rarely entervarious heavy metals which are hazardous. Carefully study the material from which made cosmetics, avoiding components such as timerazol or thiomersal.

Such funds are equal to the risk of afor dry and oily skin problem. In the first case, the epidermis is further dry out resistant coating, there is a feeling of tightness, and in the second dense heavy cosmetics clog pores, causing acne and the formation of comedones.
Waterproof cosmetics due to its complex composition often causes allergic reactions, so allergy sufferers should avoid the use of such funds, especially mascara.

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