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HARMFUL whether to increase hair

Is it harmful to increase hair

Luxury thick and long hair - the dream of all of the fair sex. With the escalating procedures can become the owner of the hair in a single day.

About the dangers and benefits of building more ...

In the struggle for beauty often do not think aboutthe benefits or harm of a particular procedure. Long hair - it is always nice, because you can make a great variety of hairstyles. Depending on my mood with long hair, you can change the way almost every day - if only there was a desire and time. Perhaps the most important advantage in building a beauty. Grow your hair to the desired length is not always possible. Yes, and they will lose density graft. During the build-up to our own hair has no chemical action and is also an undisputed advantage. The hair is not damaged and as a result does not look washed out and lifeless. Hair extension procedure is absolutely painless and harmless for the hair and for scalp.

Hair extensions are not always brings onlypositive result. Improper care of such hair can lead to tangling. In addition, there are certain hair wearing time. If spending time adjustments, then such troubles can be avoided.

The following building technology: Italian, English, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish. Advantages of the Italian capacity are the lack of hair rolling for long-term wearing, and the disadvantage is the relatively high cost of the procedure. English Plus technology is that the hair can be used repeatedly. However, this method has many negative aspects: it is impossible to visit the baths and saunas, swimming in salt water, and be under the direct sunlight without headgear. When using large capacity of the capsule, which will then be visible. According to German technology used expensive materials, the polymer is harmful to your own hair. When the Japanese capacity to carry such strands can be long - up to 3-4 months. However, when removing the spoils your own hair - it becomes brittle, split and weak. Korea is the most expensive to build. With this method it is possible to build up on the hair. The wax, which is made of a capsule, is very plastic and does not harm the hair. Such hair can be worn for 3 to 6 months.

Each building technology has its positive and negative sides. In general, this procedure does not harm the own hair with proper care and timely adjustment.

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