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Are pampers for boys harmful?


Are pampers harmful for boys?</a>

After the disposable diapers came out, the life of young parents became much easier. The number of dirty sliders and diapers decreased, there was more time to communicate with the baby.

However, the opinion spread that diapers are very harmful to boys.

Is it so?

Benefits of diapers

Everyone knows about the benefits of diapers. In addition to the lack of the need for diapers that need to be constantly washed, diapers allow you to quietly walk with the baby on the street, without worrying that because of the overalls that have got soaked in the cold season, he will catch a cold.

Myths about the dangers of diapers

The skin does not breathe. Some people are sure that diapers do not allow the baby's skin to breathe. In fact, this is not so. Modern manufacturers of quality goods, in the first place, emphasize that their diapers are designed so that air penetrates to the skin of the child. On a good diaper, there should always be a special shell, permeated with millions of microscopic pores that let in air. These same pores lead to fumes from the stool and make the inner surface of the diaper more dry.

In diapers, the legs become crooked. Many, probably, heard that diapers can bend the legs. Believe it is not necessary, because these rumors - a simple invention, widespread adherents diapers.

Pampers lead to impotence and infertility. This myth says that the constant presence of a boy in diapers violates his childbearing function. Over the adult men, studies were carried out, during which it was proved that a significant increase in the temperature of the scrotum leads to a decrease in the activity of spermatozoa. At the same time, there are several facts that prove that diapers do not influence this.

How to use diapers properly

It can be concluded that diapers do not harm babies at all, but on the condition that parents adhere to several simple rules:

- diapers should correspond to the weight and sex of the child-
- they need to be bought only in specialized stores or pharmacies-
- immediately check the expiration date and the integrity of the package-
- the replacement of the diaper should be done no less than 3-4 hours-
- After removing the diaper, the baby's skin should be washed, wiped and smeared with cream or powder-
- During the day the child should walk for several hours without a diaper-
- If the crumb raised the temperature above 38 ° C, the diaper must be removed.

If you bought a new brand of diapers, beforeUse, check the baby's reaction to them. And do not abuse this type of product, so that later there are no problems with the training of the baby to the pot. Follow all the rules, and your child's childhood will be absolutely happy.

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