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Is it dangerous to underfloor heating

Electric floor heating

Equipping your home, people do not always understand what and how he is doing in terms of their own security.

For example, someone thought over what the harm and danger of underfloor heating?

First of all it is worth noting that a constructive warm floors are after is laid underneath the system water or electric heating.
Electric floor heating occurs in two forms: film and one that provides for laying special mats with electrical equipment capable of heating elements. In the film version of the electricity passes through the finest thermal shell that is attached to the substrate, capable of reflecting infrared rays.
Both logically completed control. Power comes from their electricity, which allows a good and reliable heat the floor area.

The water floor heating

Water analogue heated floor is independent and dependent. Both were looped in space heating network.

Dependent water circuit is connected to the central heating system, underfloor heating so the process takes place in a room on the schedule of the work of the centralized heating services.

Dependent display can be attributed to the least comfortable, because in this situation, the operation of the underfloor heating in most cases, affect the whim of heat economy workers.
Independent views - a water circuit deviceunder the floor, which is connected to the boiler, heated private house. This solution is considered to be ideal for many suburban structures having a relatively large area, which is too expensive to heat with electricity.

Why floor heating can be harmful and dangerous

What could be the harm and the danger posed by the human body heated floors?
When the user selects an electric warmfloor, his electromagnetic field can be generated in the way, which is not always useful. Do not forget about the possibility of a floor of fire due to short circuit. And we can not ignore the likelihood of leakage, due to which it is necessary to remove the flooring with water circuit.

Today man has surrounded himself with various electrical appliances, electronics, which emits a lot of energy, which is not always a positive effect on his body.

By the same person does not account for the fact thatnature has given it special perception of the environment. For example, the human foot temperature is only slightly greater than twenty degrees. When there is a permanent display of this part of the body, it can lead to decreased immunity, so experts recommend walking on the cool floor.
And if the floor covering to keep the temperature at a level exceeding thirty degrees, is a violation of the natural mechanism of thermoregulation. Because of this are frequent colds.
Maybe that's why it is worth considering the question whether the heated floor is dangerous?

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