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ALWAYS the right buyer


Is the customer always right</a>

Trade point, small tent or largeCenter, divides all people into two large categories - sellers and buyers. It depends on each participant of the society whether we will live in a civilized, cultured world or not.

It is important to be respectful and benevolent towards each other.

The legal aspect of trade relations

There are many legal instruments thatAimed at protecting the rights of sellers and consumers, their main meaning is as follows: for their money, the buyer must receive a quality product or service. When making a purchase, each client can be absolutely sure that the administration (representative) of the outlet is aware of the legal aspects that accompany the buying and selling process.

The buyer is also a man!

Each buyer, first of all - a person, withTheir nature and principles. If a person, by its nature is not conflicting, then once again finding fault and swinging his rights, he will not. There are more pedantic people who need everything to be by the rules. They want to know everything and uphold their rights to the maximum.

With such a buyer, the seller will have to work harder, but within his competence.

A few rules that can be useful to all participants in buying and selling to maintain peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation:
- In case of unpleasant developments,Irreparable damage or loss of goods in the store, even before payment. According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the buyer should not be held responsible for this incident if his actions were not intentional. The risk of accidental damage to the goods is borne by its owner (in the person of the seller) and passes to the buyer from the moment of registration of the check.
- The ultimate goal of any seller is to sellHis goods or services, no matter how he interpreted it. Various methods and techniques can be used to achieve the result. It should be remembered that many specialists (commodity experts, merchandisers, sound specialists) are working on the sales process, whose work is not always evident, but it has the psychological impact necessary for purchasing.
- All stores belong to different categories of price-quality matching. It's hardly worth counting on buying a branded item in a chain store.

If the buyer in advance plans to purchase an expensive thing, it is reasonable for him to conduct at least a small monitoring of the properties (technical characteristics) and prices inherent in this product.

The seller can refuse to return money for unreasonable claims to the quality or functionality of the goods.
It should be noted that the bona fide buyeris always right! All misunderstandings and conflicts can be avoided if the participants in trade relations are not only armed with rights, but they will also strive to be honest and respectable.

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