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Is it always right buyer

Is it always the rights of the buyer

Point of Sale, a small or a large tentcenter divides all people into two broad categories - buyers and sellers. From each of the participant determines whether we live in a civilized, cultural world or not.

It is important to the ability to treat each other respectfully and kindly.

The legal side of trade relations

There are many legal instruments thataimed at protecting the rights of sellers and buyers, their main point is this: for the money the buyer has to get a quality product or service. When making a purchase, each customer can be absolutely sure that the administration (representative) outlet aware of the legal aspects that accompany the sale process.

Buyer - the same man!

Each buyer, first of all - a person withcharacter and principles. If man is inherently confrontational, then once more to carp and swing your right it will not. There are more meticulous people who need to have everything by the rules. They want to know and assert their rights to the maximum.

With the buyer to the seller have to work harder, but within the limits of their competence.

Some rules, which can be useful to all the participants of purchase and sale for the maintenance of peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation:
- When unpleasant developments can occurirreparable damage or loss of goods in the shop, before the date of its payment. Under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the buyer does not have to be responsible for this incident, if its actions were not intentional. The risk of accidental damage to the goods shall be its owner (in the person of the seller) and passes to the buyer from the date of receipt of registration.
- The ultimate goal of any retailer is to sellyour product or service, how would he or interpreted. Different methods and techniques may be used to achieve the result. It should be remembered that on the sales process employs many professionals (goods managers, merchandisers, sound design professionals), whose work is not always evident, but has needed to buy the psychological impact.
- All the shops belong to different categories of correspondence of price and quality. It hardly needs to rely on the purchase of branded items in a network store walking distance.

If the buyer plans to advance the purchase of expensive things from him reasonable to spend at least a small monitor properties (specifications) and price inherent in this product.

Seller may refuse to refund money when unfounded claims to the quality or functionality of the product.
It should be noted that the bona fide purchaseris always right! All misunderstandings and conflicts can be avoided if the participants of trade relations will not only be armed with the rights, but also they will strive to be honest and respectable.

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