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Is it possible to friendship between the former spouses?

Is the friendship between the former spouses is possible?

Nowadays, more than half of marriages break up.

Many are concerned about the issue of whether to build a friendly relationship with the former need.

The more that life in some cases is such that the former spouses may be in sight of each other or somehow come into contact in a professional or other activity.

When the former spouses is better not to think about friendship?

Divorce is a strong stress for bothspouses. Almost always it is accompanied by strong negative feelings. It may be resentment, and anger, and frustration. In the process of divorce, as a rule, one or both spouses receive psychological trauma, to get rid of that in many cases advisable to work with the psychologist.

That is why it is so complicated relationships formerspouses after divorce. Often, the mere mention of his name is enough to conjure up the whole series of negative events and conditions. So far every disintegrated couples can do to maintain friendly relations.

There is a saying: "out of sight, out of mind." People usually tend to avoid pain, but because it is easier to do not communicate after the divorce, not to reopen wounds.

If the divorce is still there deep wounds from the relationship, the former spouse is not necessary to maintain friendly relations. It will take some time, perhaps many things will change in the future.

What else can interfere with friendly relations with the former partner in a marriage?

Feelings that arise after the divorce, can weardual character. In addition to the negative component, may be attached or latent desire and hope for the restoration of relations. In this case, it may happen that in fact took place on divorce is experienced subjectively as inconclusive and incomplete.

Then any communication can nurture hopethat everything can change. While this hope and denied at the level of rational consciousness, it can greatly affect a person's life, and that the most unpleasant, it blocks the ability to start in the next full relations. The former spouse is to avoid new acquaintances, and not be able to start a relationship.

When it is possible to build a friendly relationship between the former spouses?

Yet, whether you want to build a friendly relationship after divorce? This question is no single answer, and every man in the particular case decides.

Friendship can be arranged if there is nolarge trauma after the divorce, and they do not interfere with the appearance and development of new relationships in the life of ex-spouses. If these conditions are met, the friendships may indicate the maturity of the former partners. There are examples of famous people who were able to remain friends after a full-fledged divorce.

After all, in fact, not so much matter whetherthese friendships, but the fact that both partners were able to overcome their grievances, heal wounds, acknowledge their mistakes, to make the experience and wisdom of their past relationships. And friendship, care may simply be a manifestation of some life wisdom. And also understand that, in spite of the separation, the former partner has brought something valuable and important in the life of another.

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