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How to iron men's shirts

Crumpled shirt looks messy

Men's shirts are made from multiple parts.

To simplify the process of ironing stroke them is advisable in a specific order.

You will need

  • iron shirt, a shelf for smoothing the sleeves



Start stroking a man's shirt with bestcollar. First ironed inside his party, and then the outer. Do not fold smoothing the collar, that he formed a tie. Then the iron yoke on the back, especially paying attention to those parts of it that are combined with sleeves. The main part of coquette will be thoroughly ironed together with backrest.


Now we have to iron the sleeves. First cuff ironed, on the inside, then the outer. Double cuffs should be folded as a man would wear them, and to make amends for the fold. At the same time, make sure that the loops for the buttons or cufflinks match. If you have a shelf for the sleeves, then put on her arm and stroke the top of it. If the shelf is not, you can simply fold the sleeve so that a seam appeared at the bottom of the middle and gently smooth the top. After that, it is necessary to fold the sleeve seam and iron from both sides before reaching the top, has the pressed, parts.


After a comfortable sleeveless shirt iron shelves. Shelves have the edge board and iron, since the yoke and moving down to the hem of his shirt. Also coming from the second shelf. Part of the shelves, which are sewn buttons, it is better to iron the reverse side, there is the smoother the surface, and the buttons will be protected from the effects of high temperature and iron the surface will not be scratched.


Finally, you can pat the back of the shirt. It is convenient to pull the shoulders of the shirt on the edge of the ironing board. Ironed shirt is better to hang on a hanger or in the back of the chair.

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