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How to iron men's shirts

The crumpled shirt looks sloppy</a>

Men's shirts are made of many details.

To simplify the ironing process, it is advisable to iron them in a certain order.

You will need

  • Iron, shirt, shelf for smoothing sleeves



To start ironing a man's shirt is best withCollar. First, the inner side thereof is smoothed, and then the outer side is smoothed. Do not smooth the fold of the collar, let it be formed by a tie. Then, iron the coquette on the back, paying special attention to those parts that are adjacent to the sleeves. The main part of the coquette can be thoroughly ironed together with the back.


Now you should iron your sleeves. First, the cuffs are stroked, on the inside, then on the outside. Double cuffs should be folded as the man will wear them, and make amends for the fold. In this case, make sure that the buttonholes or cuffs match. If you have a shelf for sleeves, then put a sleeve on it and stroke its upper part. If there are no shelves, then you can simply fold the sleeve so that the seam is lower in the middle, and gently smooth the upper part. After this, it is necessary to fold the sleeve along the seam and iron it from two sides, without reaching the upper, already ironed, part.


After the sleeves, it is convenient to iron the shelves of the shirt. The shelf is placed at the edge of the board and ironed, beginning with the coquette and moving downwards to the hem of the shirt. Also come with the second shelf. The part of the shelf on which the buttons are sewn is better to be ironed from the inside, the surface is evener, and the buttons will be protected from the effects of heat and the surface of the iron will not be scratched.


Finally, you can pat the back of the shirt. It is convenient to pull the shirt's shoulders to the edges of the ironing board. The ironed shirt should be immediately hung on a hanger or on the back of a chair.

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