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How to iron a cat


How to iron a cat</a>

A cat is an intelligent and freedom-loving animal that is used to walking by itself.

But even this independent beauty is flattering attention,Tenderness and tactile touch. All because the friction of furniture, the feet of the owners and the corners of the cat denotes its cat's territory, marks the glands located on the temples between the ears and eyes, objects on its way.

The human nose can not discern these smells.

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Satisfy the desire of a cat, pay attention to itAt least 20 minutes a day. Take the animal in your arms, put it on your knees and stroke it over the wool. Affectionate cat will immediately respond with a grateful murmuring, squeeze his eyes and begin to sort out with his front paws.

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The most sensitive zones in a cat are her ears andMuzzle, because there are cat's whiskers, which are responsible for the touch. Stroke her between the ears, scratch the nose and behind the ear, stroke your neck. Your furry friend will experience incredible pleasure from such caresses.

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Cats, like humans, have zones of the highest pleasure. If the muzzle and ears are universal places, then you should also look for individual zones. Learn your Cat, Stroking her belly, over the tail or legs. Kisa herself will let you know where your touch is most pleasing to her.

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Sometimes you can give the opportunity to a catTo stroke myself, according to the method of self-service. Let it rub against your legs, hands, face and other body parts. Believe me, she will get no less pleasure from this than if you stroked the python with your hands.

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Use a toothbrush or a brush. Simultaneously you will iron Cat, Giving her joy, comb out excessUndercoat and koltuny, relieving your house of fluff, and bring her fur coat in a magnificent condition. Often brushed cat cat looks well-groomed, beautiful, and the coat becomes shiny and does not fall.

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