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How to iron a cat

How to iron a cat

Cat - a clever and freedom-loving animal that is accustomed to walk alone.

But even this independent beauty flattering attention,soft and tactile touch. This is because the friction of furniture legs and angles hosts cat cat indicates its territory, marks the glands located at the temples between the ears and eyes, the objects in its path.

The human nose is not able to distinguish between the odors.

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Satisfy the desire cat, take her to the attention ofat least 20 minutes a day. Take the animal in his arms, put on his knees and pat her hair. Affectionate cat immediately respond grateful murchaniem, closed his eyes and begins to touch paws.

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The most sensitive areas of the cat - it's her ears andmuzzle, because there are cat's whiskers, which are responsible for the sense of touch. Stroke it between the ears, nose, and will be scratched behind the ear, stroke his neck. Your furry friend will feel enormous pleasure from these caresses.

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In cats, as in humans, there is a zone of the highest pleasure. If the muzzle and ears - universal space, then you should look for another, and individual zones. Examine your cat, Stroking her tummy, over the tail or foot. Kish will give herself to understand where your touch most pleasing to her.

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Sometimes you can allow your catiron itself, in a self-service basis. Let it rubs against your legs, arms, face and other body parts. Believe me, it is the pleasure of it will get no less than if you are Iron-on transfer pitomitsy hands.

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Use a brush or a scratcher. At the same time you will be ironed cat, Bringing her joy, to comb out the excessundercoat and mats, saving your home from fluff, fur and bring it in excellent condition. Often combed brush cat looks well maintained, beautiful, and hair becomes shiny and matted.

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