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IPHONE 6: Review of expectations

IPhone 6: Review of expectations

Apple has never reveals his cards until the last day keeps secret the details of Apple iPhone 6, whose appearance on the market is expected in 2014, the most discussed products.

People wonder when will thethe new iPhone 6, what are its characteristics, what will be the price of the iPhone 6? Level overview of iPhone 6 gives an idea of ​​what people expect from him.

Expected function</ P>

iPhone 6 review allows to assume thatApple iPhone 6 in the product will be carried out functions which were planned in the smartphone 5s, which will provide developers with a new enlarged screen, a resolution of 4.5 to 5 inches. Some experts expect that will be presented two versions of the new smartphone: one of them is compact, while the second - a large diagonal of 5-7 inches. Some have questioned the possibility of such a gadget the size.

Due in-cell technology, which is atdisplay is made, its thickness should be significantly reduced, as well as the thickness of the iPhone 6. Photos of the new iPhone 6 does not appear, it is only known what would be the case for him. Again, at the level of rumors suggest that the new iPhone 6 will be present optical image stabilization and the ability to 3D-shooting. Perhaps, on the front side of the camera will be equipped with face detection function, and the function introduced Touch ID, all of which should result in increased security measures.

Characteristics of the body

Experts believe that the housing of the new gadget willmade of carbon fiber compounds (carbon) and aluminum. With this iPhone 6 will turn out lighter than its predecessor, and impact-resistant. It is worth mentioning about the expectations for the use of sapphire glass protection from scratches and the new technology of liquid metal in the manufacture of the body. In addition, it is contemplated that the housing is resistant to moisture, unlike iPhone 5, it also reflects an overview 6 iPhone.

While not made public, will take place when the officialpresentation of the new iPhone 6. Presumably, this will happen in the period from June to September, but the rumors about the new gadget heated secrecy. Of course, you can build different assumptions, but so far has not yet held its official presentation, we can only guess about what really would be the new iPhone 6 that developers include in it. It is still unknown and what will be available when the iPhone 6 in Russia.

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