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Ip server: how and where to find the address


The IP address determines the exact network coordinates of each node on the Internet. Find out such an address connected to the network Server You can, if you know the domain name of any site,Placed on it. To do this, you do not need to use special programs and even access to the appropriate services that are placed on the Internet is not necessary - you can get by the standard programs of the operating system.

 Ip server: how and where to find the address



Use any utility from theStandard programs of your operating system. All such programs send packets to the server first using the Domain Name Service (DNS) service to determine its network IP address. And since most utilities display information about their actions on the screen, you can see the IP you need. For example, in Windows, you can use the tools ping or tracert.


Press the win key or click on the button"Start" to reveal the main OS menu. Select the "Run" item in it - so you will open the standard program launch dialog. If there is no this item in the main menu of your OS, use the default combination of hot keys win + r assigned to this command.


Open the command line emulator terminal using the program launch dialog - type cmd and click OK or press the Enter key.


Type the name of the utility you want to use to determine the IP address on the command line Server. For example, if you have selected a commandRoute the route between your computer and the server, then type the tracert command, then enter the domain name of any site hosted on the server of interest to you through a space. It is not necessary to indicate the protocol in this case. The syntax of the ping command, designed to evaluate the speed of the packets between your computer and this server, obeys the same rules. For example, to determine the IP address Server, Which is located at learn-myself.com, type tracert learn-myself.com or ping learn-myself.com, and then press Enter.


Read the IP address of interest to you in the firstA line of information that will be output to the terminal utility right after the start of work. This line may look like this, depending on the utility used, for example: "Trace the route to learn-myself.com []", or so: "Exchange packages with learn-myself.com [] by 32 byte".

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