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How to invite to the cinema


How to invite to the cinema</a>

Everything happens for the first time. There is nothing terrible that something else has not happened in your life.

This is the beauty of the moment - that the first time will be no more.

But this you realize later, and now you need to achieve the result - to invite to the cinema, and to do it perfectly right.



First of all, work on your condition. You must exude confidence and fun, in other words, you must be in the resource state when you talk. Remember the situation in which you were most confident in yourself. Remember what happened and how this feeling was born in you. Feel it all over again. Before the peak, tighten the wrist. This you put the so-called "anchor", with which you can call this state at the right time.


Make a diagram of the conversation. Your goal is to invite to cinema, So this should be in the centerConversation. The conversation should start with neutral greeting phrases, a small conversation about how things are going with the person you are going to invite. After that, immediately go to the invitation. Do it unobtrusively and at the same time definitely, after obtaining consent, immediately indicate the exact time and place. Do not allow any coordination on the spot, you must know exactly the time and place of the meeting. Immediately after you achieve this, politely say goodbye and end the conversation. Do not delay the conversation, because this is not your main goal.


Your mood, tone of voice and manner of speakingShould be serious and at the same time fun. Shortly before the conversation, engage your anchor of confidence in order to reach the resource state. Be joking as often as possible, but do not overdo it. Create a feeling of lightness and unobtrusiveness.

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