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How to invest Ruble

How to invest Ruble

When the opportunity to dispose of a relatively large sum of money inevitably raises the question of its effective investment.

As a rule, the main ways to invest RUB are considered bank deposits, securities and real estate.



The most common variant of investments rubles -this bank. The banks are investing a large sum, and modest. As a rule, the bank offers up to 11% per annum on deposits that looks relatively attractive. In addition, banks - the most stable way to invest. Well-established banks, as practice shows, are well kept and in a crisis, in addition, part of state-insured deposits.


Risky, but sometimes rather bringinghigh income, are considered investments in securities. This can be done through a broker working on the stock exchange or through a mutual fund (PIF). Such methods of investing is best to resort to those who at least more or less versed in investing in securities, to control the actions of a broker or fund: Unfortunately, even the best brokers and funds sometimes make mistakes and do not invest in the most profitable securities. The essence of investing in securities is as follows: you transfer a sum of money to the broker or mutual fund, where part of the sum invested in various securities to the formation of an investment portfolio. Subsequently, a part of the securities becomes more expensive, some cheaper. Accordingly, if your investment portfolio is dominated by increasingly costly securities, you increase your income.


For those who has a fairly large summoney, you can invest in real estate. Apartments and offices in Moscow (and throughout Russia) is only getting more expensive every year, so buying a property - a good solution. It can take and resell later at a higher price.


In addition to these, there are other ways of investingrubles. For example, the money can be invested in a promising business, but such investments will be successful only if the business will develop. You can do business on their own or just participate in it - it all depends on your goals and the amount of funds. Having invested about one million rubles, you can open a small cafe in Moscow. Same million can be invested in a manufacturing company, becoming one of its founders.


Choose how to invest money depends onand the amount of money on your goals. Anyone who can afford to take risks may invest in the shares or business. The most stable ways to invest - it's real estate and bank deposits.

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