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WHAT Lomonosov invented


What Invented Lomonosov</a>

It is possible to enumerate all the titles of the famous scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, who embraced many scientific fields.

He was a physicist, a chemist, and a cultural figure, and he is also a brilliant inventor and innovator.


First of all, it should be noted that M. Lomonosov aspired not so much to invent new, how many to investigate the nature of phenomena that were not studied at that time. Whatever one may say, he is a scientific husband, which he himself repeatedly wrote in his letters. Lomonosov created a viscometer, an instrument that could determine the level of viscosity in a liquid, with his help, steel was chosen correctly for lubricants for machine building.
He also first realized that if you apply crystal and glass in the watch movements, you can reduce the level of friction in instruments of this kind.


Perhaps the main discovery for such a science asAstronomy is served by Lomonosov's "night vision tube" or simply a device for night vision with telescopic effect. In its development, the telescope had one concave glass at an angle of 4 degrees to the telescopic axis. The sun's rays reflected in this glass and fell into the lateral eyepiece. Lomonosov presented his development of the telescope to scientists of the Academy of Sciences.

An important discovery for science was the formulation of the molecular-kinetic theory by M. Lomonosov, which formed the basis for the formulated law of conservation of matter.

In the future such pipes for night vision wereImproved, understood the need for refinements and himself, Mikhail Vasilyevich, and therefore throughout his life honed his skill in observing and calculating stars on existing telescopes.


In the field of optics, his inventions are: A botoscope and horizonoscope. Thanks to the botoscope, it was possible to clearly see the depth and study the underwater world, and the horizoncope allowed to view the surrounding terrain horizontally.
There are several stages in his work with glass, which revealed the following topics: the range of raw materials, mineral dyes for glass and the study of the interaction of the dye and glass.

Especially it is worth noting his contribution to the science of glass, his experiments with glass are measured in thousands.

A distinctive feature of the methods of working with glassWas a meticulous technique, because Lomonosov strictly observed the number of components, weighing them, plus he kept all his samples that were close to perfection in his understanding, and there were more than a thousand.
The elements by which Lomonosov soughtThe colors of the glasses had the following composition: lead, tin, copper and antimony. When using copper in various chemical compounds, he received red, green and turquoise hues, until now many are surprised how he got such a rich and colorful palette.

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