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How to come up with a motion for a dance

Sometimes it is necessary to come up with a dance for parties, performances or pleasure.

At first, it seems an impossible task in mind there are no ideas.

But over time, the body is given the rhythms and melodies, breaks into a dance, and born a beautiful composition in the process.

How to come up with a motion for a dance?



Decide on the kind of dance. Each direction has its own specific movements, whether flamenco, break dance, rock and roll or samba. For example, Latin American dance, sexy and playful, the defining elements are swinging hips, rotation, smooth movement in space. Movement and the steps are performed at a high pace for fast music. At the heart of breakdancing are acrobatic elements, turns around its body rotation on the hands and head. Dancer must have physical stamina, a good coordination. Flamenco can be identified by characteristic of the artist fighting off rhythm heels on free flowing hand movements, like opening and closing of a fan.


Learn the basic elements of the selecteddancing direction and technique. All compositions include the basic elements of the style, posture, steps, gestures. To do this, you can see the dance clips, videos, tutorials. Your task is to start - to study dance base. That it will be a solid foundation for further steps.


Pick music. Each dance has its own characteristic sound, melody and rhythm. For example, the size of the music of salsa - four quarters. The dance is performed at a fast pace with a complex rhythmic pattern. In some countries, this style is known as the "music of the tropics." You can easily find desired songs by title of the dance.


Listening to the melody, try to execute the basicdance elements. If the rhythm does not lie in the chosen movement, do a combination of slower or, conversely, quickly. Change the basic elements. First dance will look like a set of basic movements, changing each other.


After reviewing the basic elements of reading and writing and dance,listen to music and try to improvise. At this point, you can just add their own motion, to exercise creativity. To make it easier to improvise, invent the story. For example, you have their hands tied, and you can only move your feet. The fulfillment of basic movements will be somewhat changed. Or a dancer portrays a character who just broke up with his girlfriend, and his face visible characteristic emotions are expressed through the body of certain feelings. You do not think, but simply show their inner state. Based on the story, the steps may be something small, something big. Add to dance items and accessories. Changes its position in space. These techniques are a few "dilute" learned the basic elements, but will remain the basis and characteristic movements, which is recognized by the dance.

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