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How to invent contests for KVN

Command script development

For beginners, participants KVN, the question of how to come up with competitions for KVN and get a welcome recognition of the public and the respect of colleagues, is the most relevant and significant.

How to write for the competitions of KVN

Create competitions for the KVN, a subtle and creative process.
Young teams tend to come up with contests for the games themselves.
Leading the team that won the championship in the performances, enjoy the support of the best winners of past games, and loyal fans that help to correct scenarios of upcoming competitions.
Successful competition for KVN, it requires compliance with certain rules, previous generations of proven KVN:
1. Participants write the script collectively.
2. Each member of the team offers suggestions filling competition.
3. Any ideas for jokes and miniatures are fixed and revised several times during a certain time.
4. Rehearsals should be conducted on a regular basis, which will perfectly prepare for the game.
5. The most important criterion is interchangeable, so should rehearse a full command staff.

Popular competitions for KVN

Greeting card or, the very first and very important competition is a kind of humorous team presentations.
Invented for "Cheers" jokes and miniatures reveal acting skills of participants leave with the audience and the jury first impression of the team.
For the "Cheers", choose a popular news topics of the political, historical or cultural significance, which beat verbal ironic form.
Indicative is the warm-up. Participants during the meek 30 seconds, fast and funny answer questions of other teams, audience, judges or presenter. To come up with answers in advance is impossible, therefore winning the contest the most resourceful, earning extra points for his team.
Preparing for this competition is held by the method express the issues between team members, so players learn quickly and think logically diluting their answers humorous context.
For information on how to come up with contests for KVN,musical character, even schoolchildren know. The original parody of the musical hit renowned artist, cheerful common contest for professional and amateur performances KVN.
In the lead role in a musical contest selectedParticipants with good vocal data, and artistic abilities. Required parts of musical competitions - a beautiful, original costumes to create a memorable and funny way.
The remaining contests are developed on the above principles.
Drink - is a game that carries a lot of positives and allows you to see the irony in any situation.
To come up with a contest for the KVN to act cohesively enough to go and confidently to victory, turning every miniature into a joke and the ideal formula for successful performance of the team.

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