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How to invent a superhero

How to invent a superhero

Every day comes a lot of comic books, cartoons and movies about superheroes.

It is fearless, strong, dressed in colorful costumes warriors. Many of them have superhuman powers.

Come up with a superhero is not difficult, the main thing to have imagination and imaginative.

And it is also desirable to be able to draw well.



Think of the hero in his imagination. It's like building a house, or in his painting. You should first think about the project of his hero. Imagine his looks, height, color and length of hair, body. Most superheroes tall and muscular men, although there are exceptions. But it is much more impressive looks muscular hero. But it is a matter of taste.


Immediately thought of his abilities. There are two directions: superhuman strength, or a trained warrior. Write down the origin of its features. It is worth noting how your character became so. Either he trained long and hard, or as a result of mutations began to possess extraordinary powers.


Draw your superhero. First make sketches on paper in accordance with your beliefs about it. Do not use a lot of colors. In most suits the characters used 1-3 different colors. Draw the elements of costume and character symbols. Usually a symbol is indicated on the chest. But this is not a prerequisite. Some heroes prefer complete anonymity.


Choose your superhero mask. It can be of three types: completely hides the face side of the face hides, there is only the eye area. Some characters may have special "Soup", such as those used Batman. This is a different cat, for surveillance devices, transport and so on. Draw them too.


Make biography superhero. Here specify how he got his powers, why come to the path of struggle against evil. Describe his childhood and youth, education and career. Create a small plot, which resulted in the path of your character's superhero. You can also consider his biography in full from birth to the presumed death. You can write about his interactions with other characters, team-mates, the opposite sex.


Engage enemies. We have to be enemies of the superhero and one "supervrag". Come up with at least a couple of ordinary enemies. Draw them and write a small biography. Very important is the story of the confrontation between the superhero and his supervragom. Usually one of them is the cause of the other ( "Batman" and "The Joker," "Spider-Man" and "Venom"). Think of him special powers and abilities.

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