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How to come up with a slogan and team name

The slogan of the team

The slogan and the name are important toteam, they spoke of her prestige on the main characteristics and peculiarities. Come up with an appropriate name is not so difficult, you need to connect your imagination and mind!

The slogan should emphasize the properties, capabilities, and unlike other teams.

What are the team name and slogan

The title should speak for itself. Choose it should be, respectively, the interests of the team, not to be ashamed to speak and announce a competition or a variety of activities. The slogan of the team supports its spirit, to stimulate the victories and successes, helping to move together toward a common goal. It supports in lesions and pleased with the victory.
It is important to accurately choose the right name and slogan based on the goals and activities team.
The essence may be in the slogan, and in thatwhat value it brings! It will be associated with the name of the team, with its motto. Unlike names, slogans, it creates the first impression and have a special energy. What is better, the greater the popularity and possibilities will be opened for this team. Bright, interesting slogans - are remembered well, thanks to their team can gain more popularity.

How to come up with a name or slogan for the team

Come up with a name or slogan does not constitute abig deal, but sometimes you have pretty smash his head to come up with something special and interesting. There are some tips that can be taken into account for inventing the slogan: ease of memorization, association with the team, sonority, short, uniqueness and originality.
The slogan can use a play on words: double meaning, consonance, rhyme. There should be "highlight" that intrigue, wants to know the team and cheer for her.
Humor, irony or sarcasm - what you need. If the name or slogan raises a smile or laughter in humans, it is uplifting as a team and others. And in the memory of man, this team, despite its performance, leave only positive emotions and feelings.
Use different stylistic devices optional: metaphors, epithets. They give brightness and charisma to your slogan.
If the slogan will come up as a question - it will give him additional advantages. Question -Unique slogan, which establishes contact with the fan.
To come up with a slogan, need littlework. To left interesting and memorable, you can use additional sources: books, internet, tips, smart and talented people. If the team has a creative person, you can connect it as the main sumptuous creations. We need to get the exciting and on topic.
If slogans and names are bright and they stand out against the other teams, catchy, concise, can "cling" of his tone, the team simply can not lose!

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