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How to come up with the quest

Creating a computer game in the genre of "quest" can be attributed to the art, in addition to writing books or shooting movies.

It is even more, because the creator of the quest is notjust trying to tell a story, it makes it interactive, allowing the user to feel the co-author - so the creation of such works is somewhat more complicated than it seems.



Make a concept. The basis of any adventure is, above all, history. Not necessarily linear, and having one final, but, nevertheless, it is certain. Decide on the base: What is your quest? What are the main plot moves will be there? What is the role of the main characters? By answering these questions, you will make the first "draft" of the project layout, which, of course, can be changed - but at least you'll be clear about where you are going.


Create the world. Quite simply, if the events will take place in our time, however, if the setting invented, it must be invented qualitatively. For example, & nbsp-DeusEx considered one of the best games just because this cyberpunk universe thought out to the smallest detail, is absolutely logical and plausible measure: you should strive to do the same.


Consider the images of heroes. This is the first step of writing a more detailed story: any dialogue in the quest to be implausible, if you have no idea what kind of people talking. In fact, you have to "enter" characters in the events, not people adjust to the circumstances - so the story will seem much more realistic. Even after the creation of the protagonists get to work on individual episodes and scenes.


Thinking directly gameplay, tryto diversify it. The ideal in this respect may serve as a project "Fahrenheit", where you have the entire game twice failed to do the same task: the characters are constantly changing occupation. We have to look, to question, to solve a puzzle or search the premises: the main thing that all is not reduced to a primitive scheme "bring me item X, and I will miss you in the next room."


Carefully include your all tasks in the context of the game. A serious problem with most quests - illogical solutions. Of course, it's funny, when you open the door SilentHill clay tablets, but think of to this is extremely difficult: try to make a plausible solution, then the players will be more comfortable. Also, do not fill process meaningless puzzles in Keepsake, where every box is opened by playing "tag" (as doors and worse).

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