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How to come up with the name of the Persian cat

How to come up with the name of the Persian cat

Choosing a name for a newborn child, parents are watching the value and characteristics, because in many ways defines the name of the behavior and character of the person.

Nicknames pets also affect their respective owners.

Cat Vaska will behave very differently than a cat Marquis.

Not long ago, the problems with the choice of a name for a catIt did not exist. Cats were Muska and Murka and cats - Vaska and snow leopard. Now it is becoming increasingly popular unusual names, which are sometimes difficult to pronounce, not to mention the fact to remember.
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What determines the name of the cat

Pedigree cats from cattery has a pedigree,so its name usually consists of several words. The owner has no right to change it in the papers, but to call the abbreviated name of the cat houses nobody forbids. For example, a cat Françoise easily rename in ICQ.
how to choose a name for your cat
In the name of the place affects the cat's residence. If this villa outside the city, the name can be easier. For example, Nyusha, Timosha Yasha. For urban residents can choose a nickname poekzotichnee: Oscar, Richard, or Chloe.
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How to come up with the name of the Persian cat

It is desirable to contain the name of the cat hissingconsonants: c, h, m. Do not choose a long name, a pair of syllables would be sufficient. So you will be easier to pronounce it, and the cat - it is easier to understand that it was her name. A good option - Cake, Coconut, Roxy.
Persian cats have elegant fur coat,it can be beat in her name. For example, a cat called Fluffy, ottoman, and a cat - buns. Depending on the color of the coat, the cat can be called Snowball or peaches, marshmallows, or Garfield. More extravagant option for a red cat - Pumpkin for black or smoky - Lucifer or Voland.
Each kitten as a child has its own habits, on the basis of this, the cat can be called a cruel boy, idlers or Sonia.
Percy is appropriate to any solidname, for example, Bucks, William, or Lexus. Often people call pets human names. For Persian cats fit Melissa aphelion, Grace, Justin, Lev.
Cute nicknames for the Persian cat: Alice, Angel, Baby, Goldberry, Toffee. For a cat: Masik, Pusik, Tail. Glamorous nicknames: Gucci, Archibald, Isa, Cleopatra, Anfisa, Ice Cream, Jacqueline, Jaguar, Bagheera.
Thanks to the irrepressible fantasy owners, appearedChups, Whiskey, Cake, Dill, Zipper, Snickers, Tyapa. Finally, funny nicknames, which will cause a smile at the guests came: Burbuzyaka, Gluck, Daisy, Impresario, Yogurt, Optimus Prime, Doughnut, Swell.
Choosing the name of the kitten, you can turn to say different options and see the reaction of the animal. If the cat will react to some positive name, then the name had to her liking.

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