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How to come up with a name for the budgerigar

How to come up with a name for the budgerigar

Acquire a pet, immediately had to address many issues. One of them - the choice of the name for which it is so important not to be mistaken.

Of particular importance is the name for a budgerigar.

Before we talk about names for budgies, not hurt to recall some general principles concerning the nicknames for pets.
such as bathing parrots

As it is impossible to call a parrot

such as bathing parrots
What should be deleted immediately - so ithuman names, common in the country. Some people can take it as offense. Of course, you can also meet a person in Russian by the name of Harry, but not as often as Boria and Grisha, which means that the danger to get into an awkward position will be lower.
how to understand the parrot
If the home already have other pets,the name of the new pet should not be consonant with their nicknames to avoid confusion. Similar names can confuse even the people that we talk about animals.
How do you know that Parrot ill
It is not advisable to resort to the traditionaloptions. People like to call Goshami parrot, caches, Ricky, and under the influence of the famous cartoon - and even Roma. Such nicknames are bad not only for its banality, but the fact that they all (with the exception of Ricky) are the diminutive variants of human names in circulation in Russia.
how to calm parrot
No need to give the birds long and unpronounceable names. It is important that the owner was easy to call your pet, and a parrot - remember the name.

The name for the talking parrot

Parrots, including wavy, especially appreciatedue to their ability to reproduce human speech. As a rule, one of the first words that parrots teach - it's his nickname, and it must be adapted for this purpose.
Short nicknames is not only important to the parrot learned to respond to it. Reprimanded him too long nickname will be difficult. Three syllables - is the limit, more birds will not master.
Not all of the sounds of human speech reproducedparrots easily enough. "Favorite" sounds of talking birds - a "p" and hissing ( "w", "w", "g", "h"), and among the vowels - "i" and "e". Klitschko, a part of which has the sounds, the parrot will learn without much difficulty.
But the whistling and the resonant sounds of parrots arenot easy. The former include "c", "c" and "z", to the second - "m", "n" and "l". Of the vowels hardest they are given "o". Accordingly, the use of all these sounds in the name for a parrot undesirable.
There are several examples of successful nicknamesfor budgies. Males can be named Sandpiper, Richie, Shurshun, Zipper, Igrasha, Arnie, Gary, Larry, Terry, Siskin, Chichi. Suitable names for females - Gypsy, Kitty, Cherie, Cherry, Jerry, Kerry, Chucha, Chita, Shelley pinch.

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