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How to come up with a name for the salon


How to come up with a name for the salon</a>

Today everyone wants to be stylish, beautiful and attractive.

Probably, therefore now in big and small cities not to consider beauty salons.

How to come up with a stylish and intriguing name for your salon, so that customers can use the services of your masters?



Pick up name In accordance with the location of yourSalon. For example, if he is located in one of the sleeping areas of the city, it is sometimes quite sufficient to name him by the name of the owner of the salon (which is usually the owner, not the owners): Tatiana, Lyudmila, Larisa. Or simply "Beauty salon". Another thing is if the salon is located in the center of the year. Even if you even intended to use the name of the hostess in his name, it would not be superfluous to indicate the name, but to start with the word "salon" (for example, "Salon of Elena Ivanova", etc.).


Pick up name In accordance with the interior of your salon (although quite often it happens the other way round: first, name, And then the interior is created). If the interior of your salon is decorated in pastel colors, it is suitable name "Spring freshness" (there is also an association with hairspray). If your salon is located on the first floor and passers-by can watch the work of the masters, then it can come up name "Great view" or "At the parade".


Often there are names of flowers or foreign women's names (from history or literature) on the signs of beauty salons. For example, "Lavender", "Narcissus" or "Semiramis", "Eurydice".


Sometimes salons have rather good names, causing associations with the names of famous foreign actresses: "Angelina", "Julia", "Brigitte".


Link name Your salon with the activities of a hairdresser or manicure master ("Kare", "Chignon", "Nogotok") or with the objects and tools that they use in their work (Zerkalce, Shpilka).


You can use in the title and words"Image", "style", "design" separately (except for "design") or in combination with epithets or possessive pronouns (Capital Style, Ideal Style, Your (my, your) image (style) .


Take into account the target audience of your salon(Especially when using foreign words). For example, middle-aged women are unlikely to visit Salon ShockStyle, StyleOnline or HireDesign, but they will be happy to turn to Beauty or SharmDesign.

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