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How to choose a name for the passenger compartment

How to choose a name for the passenger compartment

Today, everyone wants to be stylish, beautiful and attractive.

Perhaps that is why now the cities and towns are countless beauty salons.

How to come up with a stylish and intriguing title for your interior that customers have benefited from it is your master?



Pick name according to your destination locationsalon. For example, if it is located in one of the sleeping areas of the city, sometimes it is enough to call him by the name of the owner of the cabin (which is usually the owner, not the owners), "Tatiana", "Lyudmila", "Larissa". Or just "Beauty". Another thing, if the salon is located in the middle of the year. Even if you have conceived and used in its title the name of the hostess, it is not superfluous to point and name, but still start with the word "Salon" (eg, "Salon Elena Ivanova," etc.


Pick name in accordance with your interior décor (although sometimes it happens and vice versa: first selected nameAnd then created the interior). If the inside of your interior rooms are decorated in pastel colors, it is suitable name "Spring freshness" (there is also an association with hairspray). If your salon is located on the ground floor and passers-by can watch the artists at work, he can approach name "Great view" or "When the parade."


Often found on signs beauty salons color names or foreign female names (from history or literature). For example, "Lavender", "Narcissus" and "Semiramide", "Eurydice".


Sometimes salons are pretty good name, is associated with the names of well-known foreign actresses: "Angelina", "Julie", "Brigitte".


Tie name your salon with a hairdresser activity or manicure masters ( "Kare", "Chignon", "Nail") or with objects and tools that they use in the work ( "Mirror", "Pin").


You can use the title and words"Image", "style", "design" individually (except for "Design") or in combination with epithets or possessive pronouns ( "Metropolitan Style", "Perfect Style", "Your (my, your) image (style") .


Understand and target audience of your salon(Particularly when using foreign words). For example, middle-aged women are unlikely to visit the salon "ShokStayl", "StaylOnlayn" or "HayrDizayn", but in "Beauty" or "SharmDizayn" they are happy to turn.

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