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How to invent a name for itself in social networks

How to come up with a name for itself in social networks

Each user of the Internet, sooner or laterit is necessary to register in a particular social network. Though originally meant that you provide your real name and surname, not everyone is ready for such a step.

If you choose not to disclose to anyone the secret of his identity, create a nickname.

Of course, Bob

Some social networks do not allowusers call obviously fictitious names. But talk is online favorite movie, video game, or to register for frequently visited sites you, in most cases, can under a false name. Which do you choose?
There is always a great temptation to give a name for himselfsome well-known character. For example, "Bond", "Frodo" or "Sailor Moon." However, keep in mind that at the thematic website such names can be a long time already occupied. If approval is not intended to use to communicate only unique names, you can become one of the ten Bond or Frodo34 that you will agree, less than honorable. Try to experiment and choose some less popular, but an interesting name. If so you will definitely want to stay Bond, you can think of some derivative of this nickname. Say, "Nicholas Bond" or "main Bond." In general, do not hesitate to give free rein to their imagination.

A little spice

Now a little about your name the social network,which requires reality. Yes, you can not call it "The Pope", but the proper name change at its own discretion, you have the right. For example, Anna Ivanova may wish to change your details on Annie Ivanova, Anna 777 Ivanov or Annie Ivanova. Of course, you can name and Agrippina Ivanova, verify the authenticity of the passport data, no one will in a social network, but keep in mind the goal of the page. Social networks - primarily to make friends instrument. And if you enter a false name, find you will be quite difficult.

Without aggression

Remember that name the social network, fictionalor present - a kind of your personal brand and business card. And that it pay attention in the first place. Do not start a page with the names that have a sharp negative connotation of any events, views or products, and the more calls to violence. "I hate Pushkin" - may sound quite harmless, but you never know, suddenly you insult that someone's feelings?

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