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Interior room in the Italian style

Interior room in the Italian style

The living room is the pride of the owners home, it often brings together all members of the family, receive guests.

To create a pleasant atmosphere is the best suited Italian hospitality in the living room, you have a right to re-create in a modern house the aura of Florentine luxury.

Classic Italian style

Italian style has several branches. For example, Florence is the interior in a big way: expensive materials, space, form exclusive, ornate details. Rome - a restrained classical, then prized white color, gold decoration. It can be in the living room to connect the elements of each region, but then the room will be an abundance of detail: a contrasting color, textured surfaces, materials, decoration.

The main features of Italian style

Use only when you make a livingnatural materials. Furniture should be made of valuable wood, suitable for the finishing of brocade, velvet, leather, satin. For the walls and floor - wood, stone, cloth. The decor of porcelain, precious metals, colored glass and crystal.

Give preference to manual labor - in the Italian style is to be welcomed.

From the decor do not forget about the different mirrorsize, volume setting. Reproductions or paintings of the Italian masters. Chandeliers should combine some solidity and elegance. Do not do without the rectangular carpet with colorful patterns. To complete the "picture" equip the living room fireplace.

The texture, lighting, color,

Should prevail bright colors: pale pink, pale peach, camel, white, "ivory", pale yellow. From the dark shades look at the burgundy, purple, gray and black. To create a contrast, use furniture in dark colors and light background, or vice versa.

Venetian plaster and textile wallpaper - easy option walls. Wall tiles create a true Italian style. Arch - a traditional element of the classics.

No need to install only one central chandelier. Form the scattered light with traditional floor lamps, hidden ceiling lights, wall above the mirror.

All elements of the interior must create a special harmonious atmosphere that and has to rest with loved ones.

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