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Interior of the house in Indian style

Indian interior

It's no secret that all aspects of life in India is closely associated with ancient religious directions - Buddhism and Judaism, and the improvement of housing - is no exception.

Therefore, selecting the design room in this style, you need to consider a number of distinctive features.

According to the ancient religious writings, centerevery home should be the altar with images of deities, which will be kept in the family, and the world will protect from harm and enemies. The interior of the house, designed in the Indian style should be carefully thought out and different brightness and rich decor. It will be quite superfluous to decorate the room with flowers and spices, carpets with oriental ornaments, and carved wooden furniture. To emphasize the Indian theme of help figures of gods of ivory, bright dishes, unusual vases and handmade pillows. Let the bedroom will be a four-poster bed, arches, columns, and the screen with an unusual pattern.
When designing buildings in the Indian style,It should take into account the fact that the property of the Hindus have long been divided into two zones - male and female. Women, as a wise and gentle creatures, able to smooth out the rough edges, it is recommended to adhere to the decoration of flowery patterns, and men on the other hand - should be chosen geometric and abstract patterns. Turn imagination, try to combine in the interior of the room, and male and female designs.
When choosing a color scheme, it is better to stop the focus on bright juicy colors - let it be yellow, orange, blue, raspberry, green shades, and combinations thereof.
Typically, furniture manufactured from Indiaenvironmentally friendly materials, mainly of teak, as well as the abundant use of lacquer coatings. An important condition for the selection of furniture and decoration are in the form of a complex ornate carving, because of which, in general, the Indian style and has become popular in many countries.
One of the main Buddhist sound judgmentssomething like this: "the madding crowd does not play a big role in my life." Based on this idea, I want to recommend to create room in the Indian style, keep in mind that the interior must carry the peace and tranquility, without a hint of aggression, as well as different softness and slowness.

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