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Interior of the apartment in the style of minimalism

The apartment interior in the style of minimalism

Minimalist style has recently become more popular.

Many refuse abundance of furniture and belongings in the apartment and prefer brevity and spaciousness.

This style is characterized by minimalism and simplicity of line and form, a minimum of furniture, plain, without patterns of color, the use of glass in construction.

Minimalist style is derived from the Japanese style,which is characterized by the use of contrasting colors and natural materials. Therefore minimalism characterized by a combination of walls of light (white, milk, cream) and dark furniture (black, dark brown, gray). Minimalism - is the abundance of light and air, open spaces and a feeling of freedom.

The main source of light are the windows. They hang blinds or bright light air curtains. An additional source of spotlights mounted in the ceiling, and conventional lamps, suitable for the style.

The furniture in a minimalist style should be simple forform. Without undue bending, straight lines and sharp angles. Upholstery of sofas and chairs are selected to match the walls, without any patterns and prints. Built-in wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, storage boxes are very welcome, because it is the main storage space for personal belongings. Minimum decor and accessories, allowed small bright accents (cushion, mat, vase, etc.), but not too much. On the walls you can hang a few pictures in black and white.

To create a space of freedom of useglass partitions and shelves racks, glass tabletops and cabinet doors. The valid elements in natural stone, cork or metal. For example, light-colored walls can be finished with wood or sometimes bricks.

Many of the interior in the style of minimalism canIt seems too dull and stern. But it does have its pluses. For example, you can not spend a lot of time cleaning, since in the apartment there is nothing superfluous. Minimalism helps maintain order, your belongings will always be in place. It is a cozy, quiet and comfortable.

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