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INTERIOR in yellow

The interior in yellow

Many are used in the interior of a yellow color.

After an abundance of expressive colors allows the use of color in rooms of different styles.

In any case, the yellow will be an active, positive color, which is able to energize.

The variety of combinations of yellow enables him to beat in the interior is always in a new way. It all depends on the nature of the design and your mood.

The color goes well with black and white -This allows you to create stylish and contrasting compositions. For example, interesting idea interior living area in yellow. A yellow furniture, decor items and textiles will be well in harmony with the graphical now fashionable wallpaper. Or vice versa: Background - yellow walls paired with black-and-white entourage.

Create a warm, atmospheric and chambercomposition using a range of several shades. Will look spectacular gradient on the walls - a competent transition from saturated orange-yellow to bright colors or even the greenish tones.

For daring interiors suitable combination of yellowwith other bright colors. In the fusion of styles and pop art it is very appropriate! Only try to pick a single tone color, to give the design integrity. Remember and about the rhythm of the composition, for example, yellow curtains in the interior and pick up a couple more elements of the same color.

Intense yellow color paired with a neutralflowers can be a major means of expression minimalist interior. In the high-tech format also fit well. It is suitable for the yellow kitchen, because there is catchy shades to anything - they interfere with rest, so that there is appropriate to use yellow to white.

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