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INTERIOR in orange

Interior in orange color

Orange someone seems sharp and bright, and someone just loves daring solar paint.

The orange color in the interior - modern decorative trend attracts attention.

This color allows you to create a particularly warm atmosphere that always keeps you feeling hot summer.

What goes orange

If you decide to fill your room so juicycolors, consider the important nuances. The most important thing - the right to combine the orange with other colors. Here you can not overdo it. In any room will be the color orange "king", it will be on him attention. So it is better that he does not take up all the space, and is the only focus.

Balance the aggressiveness of the shade will helpwhite, olive, beige, gray, pale blue, light brown, light green color. With these colors are stylish and harmonious combination. They can be safely used in textiles, furniture, accessories.

Today, the orange color used in all areas, with proper approach he always will look appropriate.


The interior kitchen orange color can settle on the lockers, furniture, table top. Or just be the main shade of kitchen appliances, creating in any season small summer island.


The Orange bedroom is suitable energetic people,who like to relax in a bright room. Choosing such an expressive shade as the main, you give up the peace and tranquility, with the color you are always waiting for the activity.

Living room

Then the orange color will be appropriate if allother rooms in pastel tones. The main rule - a room must be located on the shady side, or an overabundance of light and color would be superfluous.

Wherever you decide to not use orangecolor, it is better to set off the bright shade of muted tones. From sharp transitions give up - they "cut" the eye. The approach to design rooms in an orange color is serious - use the color dispensed. A sense of proportion - this is the main indicator of good taste!

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