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INTERIOR in blue

The interior in blue

Color is one of the main places in the interior design.

Scientists have found that color can affect a person's mood and even on its vital functions.

Blue is the color of the sky, a symbol of freedom and nobility.

The interior of its rooms are used to create the feeling of purity, coolness, lightness.

It is often used in the design of bedrooms, bathrooms and children.

Blue color has a rich number of differentshades: turquoise, cornflower blue, sky blue, sky blue. We recommend using a combination of blue with warm colors (yellow, sand, coffee with milk, light brown), while the interior of the room did not get cold. Classic - a combination of blue with beige and white shades.

Use bright colors for large rooms. Small rooms can be visually more spacious, if paint the ceiling in a light blue color. For the living room this color is better to use as a base. Combine it with gray tones, the room seemed to strict and cold, but at the same time elegant and relaxed.

Pick neutral shades for the bedroom. Do not use dark blue, they narrow space, as well as inhibit the marital relationship. Light shades of blue will help to make the room blue bedroom airy, visually expand the boundaries of space. Romantic, fresh and delicate looks blue paired with pink.

Kitchen fit pale blue shades. Blue tones using the yellow, orange, white and coral - these combinations cause appetite.

The blue color is appropriate to use in the design of any room, only have to comply with a sense of proportion!

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