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INTERIOR hall in green

Interior hallway in green

The interior is better to use a nice, natural colors that bring a touch of freshness, a sense of unity with nature.

Green - the color of vitality, balance, serenity.

Its shades are very diverse, they can display any mood.

In the hallway, this color can act as the main background, bright accent or companion.

In any case, an entrance in the green is a good option to create a pleasant mood.

Despite their variety, pleasing to the human eye, the green color is quite difficult to use in the interior. This is especially true deep, bright saturated colors.

Designers are advised to adhere to two rules for the use of green color with the design of home decor:

1. Bright dark shades of green is better to use for a large entrance hall with irregular floor plan and high ceilings. These colors include dark green, bottle, black and olive.

2. Bright, calm tones - is a good basis for a small hallway, they are visually expand the space. These are the following colors: light green, mint, pistachio, gray-green.

Note that bright shades better not activeused for all surfaces, otherwise entrance will become a boring room, even a little grim. A soft and light colors ideal for maximum utilization. To expand the narrow corridor, use a bright grass-green color for a wall - it is visually closer. When using a large decorative pattern (eg, murals or wallpaper), you make the corridor more balanced, adding flavor to the interior. It is generally acceptable for the high ceiling.

A color scheme

In nature, shades of green, there are a few million, so that it blends well with other tones. From what you are using complementary colors will depend on the overall impression.

Gray, blue, red with a green suit for a modern hall with a bright interspersed passion.

Scarlet, light blue, pistachio shadeideal for small spaces: blue expand the space, make the ceiling higher, pistachio colored walls perfectly accentuate the richness of crimson hue.

All shades of green are combined with purple. Try to combine different halftone green spectrum and intense purple - this will make the hall a warm and cozy.

Green and brown - a natural combination. For the hall you can use wood as flooring and green - for finishing of all surfaces.

Flowers in a green living room

Use potted plants in order to emphasizethe effect of green shades. Here you can choose a beautiful bright orchids, and a large ficus. If you are using fresh flowers shear, supplement their accessories in the same color palette. For example, pink hydrangeas supplement red-pink carpet, white amaryllis emphasize a beautiful low-key picture.

A well-chosen colors and emphasis placed in the hall will create an aura of naturalness, and naturalness.

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