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Interior design of the living room in a classic style</a>

Classics are eternal - it is outside of time and space.

This indisputable statement can be safely attributed to the classic style in the interior of the living room, which for more than one century occupies a worthy and honorable place among the design directions.

Classical; Style and its diversity

Classic style - the concept is quite broad,Including a number of style trends, formed in art for many centuries. Nevertheless, all of them - and classicism, and Empire, and Baroque, and Rococo, and modern classical style draw their inspiration in the art of ancient Greece and Rome - the classical classics.

Interior in the classical style looks alwaysA little pompously, stiffly, strictly and, most importantly, expensive. Therefore, the classic design can not be better for the interior of a spacious living room. And if a person who belongs to bohemia is closer to hi-tech, modern, retro or fusion, the living room in the classical style will be the most successful choice for a person from the business sphere, a solid businessman.

Deciding to issue the main room in the apartment (andThis is the living room) in the classical style, first we need to determine which direction to move. Namely, what should be taken as a basis - a strict, restrained classicism of the XVIII century, magnificent, noble empire, luxurious baroque or playful rococo.

In any case, the design of the living room in the present,Not every person can afford historical classicism. This involves large areas, requires the purchase of rarity, perhaps, antique furniture, expensive stone finishing and other materials. If you want to create a noble in the living room, with a hint of luxury, the atmosphere of the classical style is quite possible, content with more reasonable means. But for this you need to know the basic defining features of this style.

Classic style in the interior of the living room requires a spacious room. In a small room to create a pompous and strict interior is quite difficult and even impractical.

The main features of the classic style in the interior

The main features of the classics for the interior of the living room -It is the consistency of style. There is no place for random objects and palette tones. Classicism is dominated by symmetry, clear geometric forms, strict structure and subordination of all elements of the interior, including furniture, decor and accessories.

Classic style (and not a hint of it)Implies the presence in the interior of the living room of such architectural elements as columns, pilasters, capitals, porticoes, rosettes, stucco moldings. It is not necessary for these elements to be functional (carrier) and in a complete set. There is quite enough of a decorative mention.

In addition, the hall should have large windows,Giving a lot of light. If the room is in an ordinary house with standard windows, then the desired effect can create large mirrors in expensive wooden or metal frames.

Moderate, strict luxury is one of the main features of the interior in the classical style. The main thing here is to find a "golden mean" so that the true style does not become a glamor or a miserable forgery.

The overall color of the living room in a classic styleShould be sustained in close, noble tones. Standard are pastel scales: blue, turquoise, gray-green, sand, cream shades in combination with white, which may well be a dominant color. White color in the classic interior of the living room will create a feeling of luxury and, at the same time, ease of space. Especially if it is combined with gilding and natural stone.

It is important to consider the location of the exit windows. For the northern and western sides, the warmest color in sandy, peach tones combined with dark furniture from stained oak or mahogany will be the most successful. And for the east and south it is better to choose a cool color - green, turquoise, blue, silver with furniture of light shades (birch, walnut, plum).

The walls of the classical living room are usually trimmedDecorative plaster or paintings, wallpaper, cloth, wood panels. If the preference is given to the wallpaper, then they should be of high quality paper or fabric, restrained tones with elegant symmetrical patterns (for example, in stripes), possibly with gilding.

The wall and ceiling joint is best decoratedCurb in the classical style. It is worth paying attention to the ceiling itself. Stucco molding in the shape of a circle, in the center of which is a chandelier - a typical sign of a classic interior.

Sex in the interior of the classical style shouldTo correspond to the general respectability. Therefore, do not put a plain laminate or wooden boards. The most suitable is an expensive parquet, marble or flooring, plain or with classical ornament.

Furniture is a fundamental element of the interior, inThe classic living room should be made of natural wood, with expensive upholstery. Desks and armchairs with twisted legs, bookshelves and chests of antique (or antiques), massive wardrobes and bookcases with gold-plated handles. All pieces of furniture of the classic interior should be strictly in one style and image, be of the same kind of wood. An exception can be a zoned living room. Then the furniture of each zone will differ in shape and color. For example, the dining area is white furniture, and the rest area is walnut or mahogany.

Much attention should be paid to textiles. Characteristic for the classical style are dense, heavy curtains made of such fabrics as
Jacquard, velvet, velor, satin combined with a light and lush tulle. Lambrequins, brushes, fringe - all this will be quite appropriate
To create classics in the interior.

Any style direction in the interior will not beLook finished without lighting and accessories. A crystal multi-level chandelier or an elegant metal chandelier with several candle-lit shades is ideal for a classic living room. It is best to choose wall sconces in the same style as the main lighting fixture. In addition, table lamps on metal, decorated with "antique" legs, marble and bronze figurines, gilded candelabra, a respectable oval carpet with a short pile of natural wool finish the picture of the living room in a classic style.

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