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Designing the interior of small kitchens


Interior decoration of small kitchens</a>

What mistress does not dream about a comfortable and cozy kitchen?

But a small room is often notProvides interior designers with space for creativity. The decisive importance here is the proper planning, rational choice of lighting and color scheme.

When starting to design a small kitchen, try to show creativity and find non-standard solutions.

A small kitchen: the layout decides everything

Make a small kitchen roomFunctional and convenient will help competent and rational planning. Use, for example, narrow and high cabinets, reaching the ceiling. Another option involves the installation in the kitchen of multi-functional shelving. It is desirable that the upper part of the kitchen space is made of materials that give the whole structure a more airy and light appearance.

Massive lockers that are too heavy looking, it is better to replace the glass structures.

Furniture and household appliances in small spaceThe kitchen should be located closer to each other. If the room has niches, some pieces of furniture can be built into such a space. When arranging the building, make sure that the furniture does not block the ventilation holes in the wall.

Rationally use the corners of the kitchen will helpCorner cabinets and lockers. When choosing furniture, preference should be given to open shelves and sliding doors. If the doors of the lockers open outwards, it will take away the precious space of the room.

Furniture for a small kitchen

Visually increase the space of the kitchen will helpUse of compact furniture. Very suitable for small kitchens are transforming structures, for example a sliding or folding table. Such furniture is quickly brought into working condition if necessary, and after use it adds up and takes up very little space.

The dining table in a small kitchen will take up less space if it has an oval or round countertop.

Please note that glossy and glassThe surface in the kitchen visually increases the size of the room. Use also inserts from glass and mirrors, which have a reflective effect and help strengthen natural or artificial lighting. They will not only expand the space, but will also give the kitchen a unique identity.

Convenient in a small kitchen modern modularSystem. With their help, you can choose from which elements the kitchen set will consist. From time to time the composition of modular furniture can be updated, which will give the kitchen a completely different appearance.

Color solutions for small kitchens

For a small-sized room is idealSuitable light colors. To prevent monotony in the design of the walls, try using in their decoration a combination of pastel shades with different decorative elements.

It is desirable to use in the interior a smallKitchens are not more than two colors. This will make the design more simple and pleasant to look at. To beat the free space on the wall near the dining table, make an accent on the decor. For example, you can decorate the wall in this place with a wall clock, a family photograph or an art composition.

Create a soft resonance between contrastingShades help the kitchen set, made in a single color scheme with the decoration of the walls, but having a more saturated color. A harmonious combination of the color of walls and furniture is a prerequisite for creating an interior of a small kitchen.

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