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Interesting ideas for the design of balconies and loggias

Interesting ideas for the design of balconies and loggias

Balcony or loggia in an apartment - it is a separateroom and additional space that can be transformed into a winter garden, office or living room. If the loggia insulated, and is spacious enough, the bathroom is good to use as a mini-gym or studio.

By the way, the original design is worthy of even a small balcony where you can equip a flower garden or dining room.

Ideas for registration closed loggia

Today you can find any design for the standardregistration loggia or balcony. But if you need fine idea, it is easier to develop a project on its own, given the dimensions of the room, as well as individual preferences and needs.

More often than not closed and warmed loggia performsmodest role of rest and relaxation zone. Much less can be found an apartment where the loggia - a place for the winter garden or sauna. Alternatively the loggia room can be decorated as a logical continuation of the living room. In this case, care should be taken about the overall style and design of the whole space or divided spaces using sliding doors. In addition, you can use a design element, as a decorative arch.

Interior closed loggia can be issued in the form ofSummer bedroom, where it will be comfortable and cool in the hot summer day. Or create a winter on the balcony and a mini-greenhouse to grow not only flowers, but also greens. The most exotic option - to issue a loggia room for tea ceremonies. The main design elements in this case would be a convenient table and seating area. To open spaces loggia converted into an office, you need a comfortable chair, a table and proper lighting.

Revive the interior loggia help flowers, arrange them on the windowsill.

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How to make a balcony

Unfortunately, not every apartment has closedloggia. Most often, as an additional area appears open balcony. It is worth noting that the usual Khrushchev - flat, fairly small in size. This also applies to the size of the balcony. That is why the ideas for the decoration of the balcony is not much.

Basically balconies made use ofSummer recreation area, where the main decorative element - a flower pendant, each pot which can be converted into a small flower bed. The natural beauty of living plants emphasize the closeness of nature, which is important for the inhabitants of megacities. Since the balcony space is open, then the design should use the finishing materials that are not afraid to temperature changes and moisture.

Furniture is better to choose a light, so that it canIt was quickly removed when necessary. The ideal option would be folding furniture-transformer. And yet, an open balcony - the perfect place for a summer dining room, where, in addition, you can prepare flavorful barbecue. Thanks to the correct location of plants and flowers in the open balcony to easily create a world of privacy and comfort. If a small glazed balcony, you get a perfect dressing room, where you can store clothing and shoes.

It does not matter what kind of style you choose to process the balcony, the main thing - to create an atmosphere of comfort.

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Creating an interior "outside" should be firstIt places emphasis on convenience and functionality only then. Much more important is to get a comfortable interior, where it will be nice to spend free time than to turn the room into a warehouse randomly arranged souvenirs and old furniture. Making the interior, follow the rules of minimalism.

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