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Interesting facts about lipstick

Interesting facts about lipstick

Lipstick - the best selling cosmetics in the world.

To the purchased lipstick receive only positive emotions, you should know about it, some interesting facts.



Quality moisturizing lipstick is composed of beeswax, carnauba wax and pink. And in it there is shea butter, cocoa and almond.


Understand that you have purchased a lipstick with artificialingredients easy. After repeated application of a cosmetic to the lips can feel their dryness and cracking. Vaseline and glycerol is not the best material to use for the production of lipstick, if their presence is still there, it is important that they were listed at the end of the list.


If on the product label is printed the word "organic" or "organic" means in the hands of your natural cosmetics.


Visually enlarge the lips is possible by means of lipstick that contains menthol or peppermint oil. These substances are able to stimulate blood circulation, increase blood flow.


Shelf life of cosmetics for lips not more than two years. If the package is broken tightness, reduced shelf life three times.


Conventional lipsticks and lip gloss do not protect against UV rays. For this purpose, you must acquire the means of chemical protective agent, with oktokrilenom.


It should be remembered that the lipstick should be kept clean. It is best to observe hygiene, using disposable spatulas of a tube of lipstick in the form of a cream.


Finally, the women in his life eaten about 4 kg of lipstick. Male population lipstick goes to three times less.

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