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How to insure life


How to insure life</a>

The issue of own life insuranceIs relevant for pensioners, for conscripts and military personnel, for tourists, for children and representatives of risky professions. Equally important is health insurance.

Today, many insurers offer their services.

Practically everyone has the opportunity to insure their own lives today.

You will need

  • Documents proving your identity (passport, TIN, full list should be specified in the selected insurance company), money.



You need to choose a life insurance program. There are two options: accident insurance and funded insurance. In both cases, the payment occurs when an "accident" occurs, but the conditions are significantly different. With accumulative insurance, if the insured event has not occurred before the end of the contract, you will receive the money you have made back. Under such an agreement, you can deposit the insurance amount once, several payments, or pay fees regularly, until the end of the contract. With normal accident insurance (not funded), the funds you make are not returned to you.


After choosing the type of insurance, go to the selectionCompany-insurer. Gather as much information about the reliability of the company, read the reviews, how well paid. Appreciate how long the company exists.


Having chosen the company, carefully read the contractLife insurance, if you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask questions. The contract should not contain conditions that can be interpreted in different ways.


Enter into the contract and pay in the amount due.

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