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How to insure a life

How to insure a life

The issue of insurance of their lives especiallyimportant for pensioners, for the draftees and soldiers, tourists, children and members of high-risk professions. No less important is health insurance.

Today, a lot of insurance companies are offering their services.

The ability to insure their own lives today have virtually everyone.

You will need

  • Documents proving your identity (passport, taxpayer identification number, the full list need to clarify the selected insurance company), money.



It is necessary to choose a life insurance program. There are two options: accident insurance and endowment insurance. In both cases, the payment takes place upon the occurrence of an "accident", but the conditions are quite different. In savings insurance, if the insured event did not come until the end of the contract, you made money you get back. According to this agreement can make the sum insured once, in several installments, or pay contributions regularly until the end of the contract. In normal accident insurance (not cumulative), deposited funds will not return.


After selecting the type of insurance, go to the selectionCompany-insurer. Gather as much information about the reliability of the company, read reviews, how much money is paid regularly. Estimate how long the company exists.


By choosing a company, read the contract carefullylife insurance, if you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask questions. The contract should not be conditions that can be interpreted in different ways.


Sign the contract and make the amount of the put.

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