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How to instill the love of his father's son

How to instill the love of father to son

Finally, in the life of a young couple have a child, a long-awaited son.

But bad luck, your husband does not want to spend time with him, he avoids contact, and sometimes refuses to sit with them until you need to go about their business.

This, of course, the problem is serious, but it is quite possible to solve.

What is your man going on in your head?

Do you really want to understand why your husband soafraid of his son. You torture yourself by vague doubts: "And if he needed at this child?" To understand the essence of the situation, try to imagine yourself in the place of your husband. When just beginning your relationship, you were fully provided to each other, a man fully embraced the love and affection of his wife, and now he's all this is not enough. Now, in your family life, there was a third man - your child.

The man can subconsciously to appear jealous, because now you have become to pay more attention to the child.

Also, your man can not make a babycries, sometimes disheveled appearance of his wife, disheveled apartment. Increasingly, it can resemble a child's jealousy - a favorite toy taken away. After all, how else still call these insults. A lot of couples faced with this problem. So how do you cope with this difficulty in your relationship?

Make the husband to love his son

For this uneasy case you need to stock uplots of patience. After all, it will take a lot of time to go through a lot of controversy. But try to remember that any disputes and conflicts need to repay as early as the initial stage. By doing this you will save both nerves.

Try to convince your man that the present-day family life has become much more full and happy with the appearance of a young son.

You need to develop husband love childthrough care. Let the husband takes a direct part in the care, because any action that connects father and son closer together. Leave them alone sometimes, until you go away on business. Take a couple of pictures, where they will be in the role of fishers, thereby remind your man about how he dreamed of a joint fishing. Also, you can show her husband, looks like your son and husband in the photographs himself in infancy, that you can indicate that a child is a part of it.
Try more rejoice. Most see the family comedy, because kids love the laughter of parents, small son will smile in response. It will also help melt the cold barrier of your husband.
You should try to tame men jealous. Try to show him that he still needs you, give him more affection and warmth, prove that you are still good together.

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