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INSTANT output Webmoney funds Sberbank card

Immediate withdrawal of Webmoney funds Sberbank card

If you make money on the Internet, sooner or later, before you raise the question of withdrawal of funds from the virtual to the real life.

You will need

  • - the Internet
  • - Camera or scanner
  • - phone



Get a formal certificate or higher. To do this, you must indicate your passport details in the right section of WebMoney Passport. https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/CertView.asp?wmid=221812709151


Add the site scans the firsttwo pages of your passport and your VAT number. All documents are added to the site only in color. The main thing is that all data in the system converge to the actual, or uploaded to reject the document. Add documents here http://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/WMCertify.asp


After successful verification of all the documents you submitted to the certificate the control panel, you can see a green checkmark, which just means that the test was successful.


Withdrawals will be carried out using http://wmtocard.ru. First you need to make an entry into your Webmoney account via a button located at the top of "Enter", "Conclusion on the map."


Go to the page output to the card. Fill in all the fields. Click "Next" button. Check your entries, click "Submit".


Service will spread you on the confirmation pagewithdrawing funds from Webmoney purse. On this page, you must specify the username, password, and phone number (it will send the password to verify).


Enter received phone password in the form on the site. All the money in the card.

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