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INSTALLATION sliding interior doors with their hands

Installation of the sliding interior doors with their hands

To install the sliding interior doors is required to purchase their own painting with a set of necessary accessories, to prepare a doorway tools.

If you install on quality, the process takes a lot of time.

There are quite a number ofSliding interior doors advantages over conventional. First of all, we can say that they are significantly saves space premises. To save the money, you can try to make them self-installation.

The operating principle of the sliding interior doors

Sliding doors in the course of its operationmove along the wall surface, or the same fall into a special niche for their intended. The movement is due to the mechanism of sliding on aluminum or steel guide profiles. A "pocket" is created with the help of drywall.
There are several types of sliding mechanismsdesigned for interior doors. They differ in the design of moving parts. If you decide to self-assembly of doors, we recommend you choose one of the two most popular:
1. Installed on the bottom edge of the door roller bearings, sliding rely on the rail, which is fastened to the floor. Enough good option. The upper guide plate is needed to hold the door, but to limit the movement of the web mounted abutments with soft straps.
2. In the second case, the door leaf is set into the opening by means of rollers fixed on the top panel. At the bottom of the bar in this embodiment, there is no attachment. The advantage of this method is the absence of a threshold, which means a free choice of all floor coverings.

Preliminary procedures

For high quality of installation work is useful to you a standard set of tools: a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, pencil, level building.
Complete accessories, designed for installation of interior doors with sliding mechanism consists of parts such as:
- Profiles - top and bottom, about the size of 2 m kazhdyy-
- Videos (their number varies depending on the model) -
- stopory-
- Set krepleniy-
- Decorative strip, designed to cover the upper weldable profiled
- Transoms, nalichniki-
- Locks for shutters.
Sliding mechanisms of the modern type doors can withstand the weight of 100 kg and are used for rollers with a protective silicone coating ensures reliable and quiet operation.

Always remember that qualitysmooth operation at 100% of the mechanism depends on your accuracy and precision, so as to avoid problems later on, slowly, do benchmarks and verification measurements.

You also need to pre-select the right door leaf and buy a board, which is useful when applying the upper guide.

Installation of sliding doors

The doorway to the required dimensions must be carefully processed in such a way that both pairs of its sidewalls were completely parallel to each other (can be considered acceptable deviation is not more than 5 mm).
In the first method, the installation - with lower fastening doors, proceed as follows:
1. Prepare all the parts, fasten the lower guide on the floor. Its size should be twice the width of the opening, as one of the parties must act to 0.5 m from the edge.
2. Be sure to check with the level of accuracy of the installed rails. Even a small error can face the fact that the door will always "get away" to any of the parties.
3. Use the fixing of the set, secure the clips along the bottom edge of the door leaf.
4. In order not to make mistakes and even set top rail, attach the fabric to the lower profile and mark it.
5. Attach the guide to the markup done using self-tapping screws.
6. Set the stops on each side, and then close their decorative panel of a set of components.
7. Next you need to fasten the canvas to the rail and, lifting it, to get at the top of the panel, fix the upper rollers in the rails.
Do the same with the lower rollers.
Installation of the door in the second case is different from the absence of the lower rails above. The entire load rests on rollers which are installed in the upper rail.

If the doors provided that the motion hidden in the wall, you need to start to issue a pocket of plasterboard on a plot adjacent to the wall, and then perform the described operations.

After graduating from the events on the installation, make sure thatthe mechanism works well and the web can be easily moved along the guide rails. If the door turn soft and there are no significant deviations in the entire system, it is possible to consider the work performed.

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