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Installation of floor heating: do yourself

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Comfortable Housing - a special world, where it is pleasant to live.

A better quality of life is not difficult, if done in a timely manner heated floors.

It is not difficult and does not take much time.

Warm floors are already well-deserved attentionmany years. For dozens of years of service, they have shown a good side and have ceased to be a luxury item, becoming more accessible to everyone. Numerous reviews on forums and sites manufacturing companies speak volumes.
; The advantage of using this kind of floorsevident. They can be used as a main heating and additional. Height of warming reaches 2 - 2.5 meters, and even heat distribution ensures the most comfortable living conditions. Warm feet - the most important factor in the prevention of acute respiratory cold is already important.
; There are some downsides to this type of flooring. This is primarily a relatively large consumption of electrical energy. On the second floor a probable deformation during operation, due to the constant temperature difference. However, in compliance with the installation rules, cons nullified.


A few simple steps for DIY. How to do everything on their own and without any difficulties.

A few simple steps for DIY. How to do everything on their own and without any difficulties.

Underfloor heating is a water film or stool, but also be installed in any room. This may be a room or bathroom - you choose.
Fitting is carried out in such floorsseveral steps. Consider the usual Khrushchev. Here, first of all, you must remove the old floor. Further, by using the leveling screed concrete surface. Then, a layer of insulation is placed. Polipenouritan or folgaizoloma - perfect as a heater and the insulator.
; Next, depending on the type of heating, there is a blow-pipe water heating or caleo film, devi, energy, unimat, spyhit cable when using electricity.
; When laying the cable, to be observedcertain precautions to avoid kinking or fracture. Stack it must zigzag along the guide, with the distance between bends 20 cm.
; After the installation of the cable and the thermostat, put on top of the back of the concrete screed, and then you can begin to work with the flooring.
; The borders of the floor heating in the finished state, notshould exceed the size of the room where it is installed. In the case of multi-room apartments should establish its heating system of this kind in each room.
; Quality control of work after the installation of warmsex, is possible only when the concrete dries. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 weeks. And to increase the heating temperature in stages should be not more than 5 degrees per day.
; The flooring is chosen on the basis ofCompatibility with underfloor heating and maximum heat resistance of the coating. Usually the calculation of the maximum is 27 degrees, but there are exceptions. For example, parquet flooring often not fully compatible with underfloor heating. Clearcoat application also avoids a temperature above 21 th degree. It is best to show themselves tiles. It is most resistant to temperatures.


A few words in conclusion about how the industry is developing and what each has to offer in terms of underfloor heating

A few words in conclusion about how the industry is developing and what progress has to offer in terms of each of underfloor heating

; Not so long ago appeared on the market a special laminate. It is already provided for the heating system, so no additional work.
; In the modern world with its cutting-edge technology in terms of arrangement of a comfortable life of people, heated floors are a perfect complement to provide a home-like atmosphere.

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